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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
module chrome.mojom;
import "mojo/common/string16.mojom";
import "third_party/WebKit/public/web/window_features.mojom";
import "ui/gfx/geometry/mojo/geometry.mojom";
enum ImageFormat {
enum BrowserControlsState;
struct WebApplicationInfo;
// Messages sent from chrome to the render frame.
interface ChromeRenderFrame {
// Updates the window features of the main frame's render view.
SetWindowFeatures(blink.mojom.WindowFeatures window_features);
// Reloads the image selected by the most recently opened context menu
// (if there indeed is an image at that location).
// Requests an encoded thumbnail of the image selected by the most recently
// opened context menu. The encoding format is specified as a parameter. If
// no image is selected or there's an error capturing a thumbnail,
// |thumbnail_data| will be empty. If the image area is larger than
// |thumbnail_min_area_pixels| it will be downscaled to fit within
// |thumbnail_max_size_pixels|.
RequestThumbnailForContextNode(int32 thumbnail_min_area_pixels,
gfx.mojom.Size thumbnail_max_size_pixels,
ImageFormat image_format)
=> (array<uint8> thumbnail_data, gfx.mojom.Size original_size);
// For WebUI testing, this message requests JavaScript to be executed at a
// time which is late enough to not be thrown out, and early enough to be
// before onload events are fired.
ExecuteWebUIJavaScript(mojo.common.mojom.String16 javascript);
// Sent when the profile changes the kSafeBrowsingEnabled preference.
SetClientSidePhishingDetection(bool enable_phishing_detection);
// Requests the web application info from the renderer.
GetWebApplicationInfo() => (WebApplicationInfo web_application_info);
// TODO(cm.sanchi): enable below mojom only for Android once EnabledIf
// attribute is supported in mojom files. See
// Notifies the renderer whether hiding/showing the browser controls is
// enabled, what the current state should be, and whether or not to
// animate to the proper state.
UpdateBrowserControlsState(BrowserControlsState constraints,
BrowserControlsState current,
bool animate);