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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#include "base/files/file_path.h"
#include "base/strings/string16.h"
// This file contains constants, interfaces, etc. which are common to the
// browser application and the app mode loader (a.k.a. shim).
namespace app_mode {
// These are keys for an Apple Event ping that the app shim process sends to
// Chrome to get confirmation that Chrome is alive. The main Chrome process
// doesn't need to register any handlers for them -- the event is just sent for
// the empty reply that's automatically returned by the system.
const AEEventClass kAEChromeAppClass = 'cApp';
const AEEventID kAEChromeAppPing = 'ping';
// The IPC socket used to communicate between app shims and Chrome will be
// created under a temporary directory with this name.
extern const char kAppShimSocketShortName[];
// A symlink to allow the app shim to find the socket will be created under the
// user data dir with this name.
extern const char kAppShimSocketSymlinkName[];
// A symlink used to store the version string of the currently running Chrome.
// The shim will read this to determine which version of the framework to load.
extern const char kRunningChromeVersionSymlinkName[];
// Special app mode id used for the App Launcher.
extern const char kAppListModeId[];
// The process ID of the Chrome process that launched the app shim.
// The presence of this switch instructs the app shim to send LaunchApp with
// launch_now = false. This associates the shim without launching the app.
extern const char kLaunchedByChromeProcessId[];
// Indicates to the shim that it was launched for a test, so don't attempt to
// launch Chrome.
extern const char kLaunchedForTest[];
// Indicates to the shim that this Chrome has rebuilt it once already, i.e. if
// it fails to launch again, don't trigger another rebuild.
extern const char kLaunchedAfterRebuild[];
// Path to an app shim bundle. Indicates to Chrome that this shim attempted to
// launch but failed.
extern const char kAppShimError[];
// Keys for specifying the file types handled by an app.
extern NSString* const kCFBundleDocumentTypesKey;
extern NSString* const kCFBundleTypeExtensionsKey;
extern NSString* const kCFBundleTypeIconFileKey;
extern NSString* const kCFBundleTypeNameKey;
extern NSString* const kCFBundleTypeMIMETypesKey;
extern NSString* const kCFBundleTypeRoleKey;
extern NSString* const kBundleTypeRoleViewer;
// The display name of the bundle as shown in Finder and the Dock. For localized
// bundles, this overrides the bundle's file name.
extern NSString* const kCFBundleDisplayNameKey;
// When Chrome is built, any app bundles (e.g. the app shim template bundle)
// will have their CFBundleShortVersionString set to the full version string of
// that build. Since, this string is used by OSX when displaying an app bundle's
// version, we override it in app shim bundles to show the app's version
// instead.
extern NSString* const kCFBundleShortVersionStringKey;
// Key for the Chrome version that built the app shim bundle. This needs to be
// added since we override CFBundleShortVersionString with the version of the
// app.
extern NSString* const kCrBundleVersionKey;
// The key specifying whether the display name should be localized. This makes
// Finder look in localization folders in the app bundle for a display name.
// (e.g. Content/Resources/en.lproj/)
extern NSString* const kLSHasLocalizedDisplayNameKey;
// The key under which the browser's bundle ID will be stored in the
// app mode launcher bundle's Info.plist.
extern NSString* const kBrowserBundleIDKey;
// Key for the shortcut ID.
extern NSString* const kCrAppModeShortcutIDKey;
// Key for the app's name.
extern NSString* const kCrAppModeShortcutNameKey;
// Key for the app's URL.
extern NSString* const kCrAppModeShortcutURLKey;
// Key for the app user data directory.
extern NSString* const kCrAppModeUserDataDirKey;
// Key for the app's extension path.
extern NSString* const kCrAppModeProfileDirKey;
// Key for the app's profile display name.
extern NSString* const kCrAppModeProfileNameKey;
// When the Chrome browser is run, it stores its location in the defaults
// system using this key.
extern NSString* const kLastRunAppBundlePathPrefsKey;
// Placeholders used in the app mode loader bundle' Info.plist:
extern NSString* const kShortcutIdPlaceholder; // Extension shortcut ID.
extern NSString* const kShortcutNamePlaceholder; // Extension name.
extern NSString* const kShortcutURLPlaceholder;
// Bundle ID of the Chrome browser bundle.
extern NSString* const kShortcutBrowserBundleIDPlaceholder;
// Current major/minor version numbers of |ChromeAppModeInfo| (defined below).
const unsigned kCurrentChromeAppModeInfoMajorVersion = 1;
const unsigned kCurrentChromeAppModeInfoMinorVersion = 3;
// The structure used to pass information from the app mode loader to the
// (browser) framework. This is versioned using major and minor version numbers,
// written below as v<major>.<minor>. Version-number checking is done by the
// framework, and the framework must accept all structures with the same major
// version number. It may refuse to load if the major version of the structure
// is different from the one it accepts.
struct ChromeAppModeInfo {
// Major and minor version number of this structure.
unsigned major_version; // Required: all versions
unsigned minor_version; // Required: all versions
// Original |argc| and |argv|.
int argc; // Required: v1.0
char** argv; // Required: v1.0
// Versioned path to the browser which is being loaded.
base::FilePath chrome_versioned_path; // Required: v1.0
// Path to Chrome app bundle.
base::FilePath chrome_outer_bundle_path; // Required: v1.0
// Information about the App Mode shortcut:
// Path to the App Mode Loader application bundle that launched the process.
base::FilePath app_mode_bundle_path; // Optional: v1.0
// Short ID string, preferably derived from |app_mode_short_name|. Should be
// safe for the file system.
std::string app_mode_id; // Required: v1.0
// Unrestricted (e.g., several-word) UTF8-encoded name for the shortcut.
base::string16 app_mode_name; // Optional: v1.0
// URL for the shortcut. Must be a valid URL.
std::string app_mode_url; // Required: v1.0
// Path to the app's user data directory.
base::FilePath user_data_dir;
// Directory of the profile associated with the app.
base::FilePath profile_dir;
// Check that the socket and its parent directory have the correct permissions
// and are owned by the user.
void VerifySocketPermissions(const base::FilePath& socket_path);
} // namespace app_mode