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// Copyright 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "chrome/common/pepper_permission_util.h"
#include <vector>
#include "base/command_line.h"
#include "base/sha1.h"
#include "base/strings/string_number_conversions.h"
#include "base/strings/string_tokenizer.h"
#include "extensions/common/constants.h"
#include "extensions/common/extension.h"
#include "extensions/common/extension_set.h"
#include "extensions/common/manifest_handlers/shared_module_info.h"
using extensions::Extension;
using extensions::Manifest;
using extensions::SharedModuleInfo;
namespace {
std::string HashHost(const std::string& host) {
const std::string id_hash = base::SHA1HashString(host);
DCHECK_EQ(id_hash.length(), base::kSHA1Length);
return base::HexEncode(id_hash.c_str(), id_hash.length());
bool HostIsInSet(const std::string& host, const std::set<std::string>& set) {
return set.count(host) > 0 || set.count(HashHost(host)) > 0;
} // namespace
bool IsExtensionOrSharedModuleWhitelisted(
const GURL& url,
const extensions::ExtensionSet* extension_set,
const std::set<std::string>& whitelist) {
if (!url.is_valid() || !url.SchemeIs(extensions::kExtensionScheme))
return false;
const std::string host =;
if (HostIsInSet(host, whitelist))
return true;
// Check the modules that are imported by this extension to see if any of them
// is whitelisted.
const Extension* extension = extension_set ? extension_set->GetByID(host)
if (!extension)
return false;
typedef std::vector<SharedModuleInfo::ImportInfo> ImportInfoVector;
const ImportInfoVector& imports = SharedModuleInfo::GetImports(extension);
for (ImportInfoVector::const_iterator it = imports.begin();
it != imports.end();
++it) {
const Extension* imported_extension =
if (imported_extension &&
SharedModuleInfo::IsSharedModule(imported_extension) &&
HostIsInSet(it->extension_id, whitelist)) {
return true;
return false;
bool IsHostAllowedByCommandLine(const GURL& url,
const extensions::ExtensionSet* extension_set,
const char* command_line_switch) {
if (!url.is_valid())
return false;
const base::CommandLine& command_line =
const std::string allowed_list =
if (allowed_list.empty())
return false;
const std::string host =;
if (allowed_list == "*") {
// For now, we only allow packaged and platform apps in this wildcard.
if (!extension_set || !url.SchemeIs(extensions::kExtensionScheme))
return false;
const Extension* extension = extension_set->GetByID(host);
return extension &&
(extension->GetType() == Manifest::TYPE_LEGACY_PACKAGED_APP ||
extension->GetType() == Manifest::TYPE_PLATFORM_APP);
base::StringTokenizer t(allowed_list, ",");
while (t.GetNext()) {
if (t.token() == host)
return true;
return false;