Make --is-base-module action store_true

By default the option consumes the next flag, which happens to be for chrome modern bundle modules.

Bug: 960534
Change-Id: I09c3df3c6433a85006c7143256cec2a51e14976e
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diff --git a/build/android/gyp/ b/build/android/gyp/
index 880f2c9..2c96173 100755
--- a/build/android/gyp/
+++ b/build/android/gyp/
@@ -970,6 +970,7 @@
       help='Path to R.txt file for the base resources whitelist.')
+      action='store_true',
       help='Specifies that this module is a base module for some app bundle.')
   parser.add_option('--generate-markdown-format-doc', action='store_true',