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// Copyright (c) 2011 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#pragma once
#include <map>
#include <vector>
#include "base/callback_old.h"
#include "base/memory/scoped_vector.h"
#include "base/string16.h"
#include "third_party/WebKit/Source/WebKit/chromium/public/WebFormElement.h"
namespace webkit_glue {
struct FormData;
struct FormDataPredictions;
struct FormField;
} // namespace webkit_glue
namespace WebKit {
class WebFormControlElement;
class WebFrame;
} // namespace WebKit
namespace autofill {
// Manages the forms in a RenderView.
class FormManager {
// A bit field mask for form requirements.
enum RequirementsMask {
REQUIRE_NONE = 0, // No requirements.
REQUIRE_AUTOCOMPLETE = 1 << 0, // Require that autocomplete != off.
REQUIRE_ENABLED = 1 << 1, // Require that disabled attribute is off.
REQUIRE_EMPTY = 1 << 2, // Require that the fields are empty.
// A bit field mask to extract data from WebFormControlElement.
enum ExtractMask {
EXTRACT_VALUE = 1 << 0, // Extract value from WebFormControlElement.
EXTRACT_OPTION_TEXT = 1 << 1, // Extract option text from
// WebFormSelectElement. Only valid when
// |EXTRACT_VALUE| is set.
// This is used for form submission where
// human readable value is captured.
EXTRACT_OPTIONS = 1 << 2, // Extract options from
// WebFormControlElement.
virtual ~FormManager();
// Fills out a FormField object from a given WebFormControlElement.
// |extract_mask|: See the enum ExtractMask above for details.
static void WebFormControlElementToFormField(
const WebKit::WebFormControlElement& element,
ExtractMask extract_mask,
webkit_glue::FormField* field);
// Returns the corresponding label for |element|. WARNING: This method can
// potentially be very slow. Do not use during any code paths where the page
// is loading.
// TODO(isherman): Refactor not to require this method to be
// exposed.
static string16 LabelForElement(const WebKit::WebFormControlElement& element);
// Fills out a FormData object from a given WebFormElement. If |get_values|
// is true, the fields in |form| will have the values filled out. If
// |get_options| is true, the fields in |form will have select options filled
// out. Returns true if |form| is filled out; it's possible that |element|
// won't meet the requirements in |requirements|. This also returns false if
// there are no fields in |form|.
static bool WebFormElementToFormData(const WebKit::WebFormElement& element,
RequirementsMask requirements,
ExtractMask extract_mask,
webkit_glue::FormData* form);
// Scans the DOM in |frame| extracting and storing forms.
// Returns a vector of the extracted forms.
void ExtractForms(const WebKit::WebFrame* frame,
std::vector<webkit_glue::FormData>* forms);
// Finds the form that contains |element| and returns it in |form|. Returns
// false if the form is not found.
bool FindFormWithFormControlElement(
const WebKit::WebFormControlElement& element,
webkit_glue::FormData* form);
// Fills the form represented by |form|. |node| is the input element that
// initiated the auto-fill process.
void FillForm(const webkit_glue::FormData& form, const WebKit::WebNode& node);
// Previews the form represented by |form|. |node| is the input element that
// initiated the preview process.
void PreviewForm(const webkit_glue::FormData& form,
const WebKit::WebNode &node);
// For each field in the |form|, sets the field's placeholder text to the
// field's overall predicted type. Also sets the title to include the field's
// heuristic type, server type, and signature; as well as the form's signature
// and the experiment id for the server predictions.
bool ShowPredictions(const webkit_glue::FormDataPredictions& form);
// Clears the values of all input elements in the form that contains |node|.
// Returns false if the form is not found.
bool ClearFormWithNode(const WebKit::WebNode& node);
// Clears the placeholder values and the auto-filled background for any fields
// in the form containing |node| that have been previewed. Resets the
// autofilled state of |node| to |was_autofilled|. Returns false if the form
// is not found.
bool ClearPreviewedFormWithNode(const WebKit::WebNode& node,
bool was_autofilled);
// Resets the forms for the specified |frame|.
void ResetFrame(const WebKit::WebFrame* frame);
// Returns true if |form| has any auto-filled fields.
bool FormWithNodeIsAutofilled(const WebKit::WebNode& node);
// Stores the WebFormElement and the form control elements for a form.
// Original form values are stored so when we clear a form we can reset
// <select> elements to their original value.
struct FormElement;
// Type for cache of FormElement objects.
typedef ScopedVector<FormElement> FormElementList;
// Finds the cached FormElement that contains |node|.
bool FindCachedFormElementWithNode(const WebKit::WebNode& node,
FormElement** form_element);
// Uses the data in |form| to find the cached FormElement.
bool FindCachedFormElement(const webkit_glue::FormData& form,
FormElement** form_element);
// The cached FormElement objects.
FormElementList form_elements_;
} // namespace autofill