Revert "[DevTools] Roll inspector_protocol to a6bdf8a7cc95ee954ba2f701d10f4ecf03e86539."

This reverts commit 6efe9b2a40ddd38d750e0d8ddb608608d7b2d559.

Reason for revert: Newly added test is failing on win-asan:

Original change's description:
> [DevTools] Roll inspector_protocol to a6bdf8a7cc95ee954ba2f701d10f4ecf03e86539.
> Also:
> (1) Make a source_set in content/browser/devtools for the encoding_test,
> and add the test to content_unittest. This will ensure that further
> changes to our test won't break after the try-bots pass a submission
> to Chromium. I've broken the tree twice with that, previously.
> (2) third_party/inspector_protocol/ is now a different file
> than it is upstream. But the good news is it's really really simple.
> I've updated accordingly.
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