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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import in_generator
from name_utilities import lower_first
class CSSProperties(in_generator.Writer):
defaults = {
'alias_for': None,
'runtime_flag': None,
'longhands': '',
'interpolable': False,
'inherited': False,
'font': False,
'svg': False,
'name_for_methods': None,
'use_handlers_for': None,
'getter': None,
'setter': None,
'initial': None,
'type_name': None,
'converter': None,
'custom_all': False,
'custom_initial': False,
'custom_inherit': False,
'custom_value': False,
'builder_skip': False,
'direction_aware': False,
valid_values = {
'interpolable': (True, False),
'inherited': (True, False),
'font': (True, False),
'svg': (True, False),
'custom_all': (True, False),
'custom_initial': (True, False),
'custom_inherit': (True, False),
'custom_value': (True, False),
'builder_skip': (True, False),
'direction_aware': (True, False),
def __init__(self, file_paths):
in_generator.Writer.__init__(self, file_paths)
properties = self.in_file.name_dictionaries
self._aliases = [property for property in properties if property['alias_for']]
properties = [property for property in properties if not property['alias_for']]
# We currently assign 0 to CSSPropertyInvalid, and 1 to CSSPropertyVariable
self._first_enum_value = 2
# StylePropertyMetadata additionally assumes there are under 1024 properties.
assert self._first_enum_value + len(properties) < 512, 'Property aliasing expects there are under 512 properties.'
for offset, property in enumerate(properties):
property['property_id'] = css_name_to_enum(property['name'])
property['upper_camel_name'] = camelcase_css_name(property['name'])
property['lower_camel_name'] = lower_first(property['upper_camel_name'])
property['enum_value'] = self._first_enum_value + offset
property['is_internal'] = property['name'].startswith('-internal-')
self._properties_including_aliases = properties
self._properties = {property['property_id']: property for property in properties}
# The generated code will only work with at most one alias per property
assert len({property['alias_for'] for property in self._aliases}) == len(self._aliases)
for property in self._aliases:
property['property_id'] = css_alias_name_to_enum(property['name'])
aliased_property = self._properties[css_name_to_enum(property['alias_for'])]
property['enum_value'] = aliased_property['enum_value'] + 512
self._properties_including_aliases += self._aliases
def camelcase_css_name(css_name):
"""Convert hyphen-separated-name to UpperCamelCase.
E.g., '-foo-bar' becomes 'FooBar'.
return ''.join(word.capitalize() for word in css_name.split('-'))
def css_name_to_enum(css_name):
return 'CSSProperty' + camelcase_css_name(css_name)
def css_alias_name_to_enum(css_name):
return 'CSSPropertyAlias' + camelcase_css_name(css_name)