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// Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <stddef.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <map>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "courgette/disassembler.h"
#include "courgette/image_utils.h"
#include "courgette/memory_allocator.h"
#include "courgette/types_win_pe.h"
namespace courgette {
class AssemblyProgram;
class DisassemblerWin32 : public Disassembler {
virtual ~DisassemblerWin32() = default;
// Disassembler interfaces.
RVA FileOffsetToRVA(FileOffset file_offset) const override;
FileOffset RVAToFileOffset(RVA rva) const override;
virtual ExecutableType kind() const override = 0;
virtual RVA PointerToTargetRVA(const uint8_t* p) const override = 0;
bool ParseHeader() override;
bool Disassemble(AssemblyProgram* target) override;
// Exposed for test purposes
bool has_text_section() const { return has_text_section_; }
uint32_t size_of_code() const { return size_of_code_; }
// Returns 'true' if the base relocation table can be parsed.
// Output is a vector of the RVAs corresponding to locations within executable
// that are listed in the base relocation table.
bool ParseRelocs(std::vector<RVA>* addresses);
// Returns Section containing the relative virtual address, or null if none.
const Section* RVAToSection(RVA rva) const;
static std::string SectionName(const Section* section);
// Disassembler interfaces.
RvaVisitor* CreateAbs32TargetRvaVisitor() override;
RvaVisitor* CreateRel32TargetRvaVisitor() override;
void RemoveUnusedRel32Locations(AssemblyProgram* program) override;
DisassemblerWin32(const void* start, size_t length);
CheckBool ParseFile(AssemblyProgram* target) WARN_UNUSED_RESULT;
bool ParseAbs32Relocs();
void ParseRel32RelocsFromSections();
virtual void ParseRel32RelocsFromSection(const Section* section) = 0;
CheckBool ParseNonSectionFileRegion(FileOffset start_file_offset,
FileOffset end_file_offset,
AssemblyProgram* program)
CheckBool ParseFileRegion(const Section* section,
FileOffset start_file_offset,
FileOffset end_file_offset,
AssemblyProgram* program) WARN_UNUSED_RESULT;
// Returns address width in byte count.
virtual int AbsVAWidth() const = 0;
// Emits Abs 32/64 |label| to the |program|.
virtual CheckBool EmitAbs(Label* label, AssemblyProgram* program) = 0;
// Returns true if type is recognized.
virtual bool SupportsRelTableType(int type) const = 0;
virtual uint16_t OffsetOfDataDirectories() const = 0;
void HistogramTargets(const char* kind, const std::map<RVA, int>& map);
// Most addresses are represented as 32-bit RVAs. The one address we can't
// do this with is the image base address.
uint64_t image_base() const { return image_base_; }
const ImageDataDirectory& base_relocation_table() const {
return base_relocation_table_;
// Returns description of the RVA, e.g. ".text+0x1243". For debugging only.
std::string DescribeRVA(RVA rva) const;
// Finds the first section at file_offset or above. Does not return sections
// that have no raw bytes in the file.
const Section* FindNextSection(FileOffset file_offset) const;
bool ReadDataDirectory(int index, ImageDataDirectory* dir);
bool incomplete_disassembly_ =
false; // true if can omit "uninteresting" bits.
std::vector<RVA> abs32_locations_;
std::vector<RVA> rel32_locations_;
// Location and size of IMAGE_OPTIONAL_HEADER in the buffer.
const uint8_t* optional_header_ = nullptr;
uint16_t size_of_optional_header_ = 0;
uint16_t machine_type_ = 0;
uint16_t number_of_sections_ = 0;
const Section* sections_ = nullptr;
bool has_text_section_ = false;
uint32_t size_of_code_ = 0;
uint32_t size_of_initialized_data_ = 0;
uint32_t size_of_uninitialized_data_ = 0;
RVA base_of_code_ = 0;
RVA base_of_data_ = 0;
uint64_t image_base_ = 0; // Range limited to 32 bits for 32 bit executable
uint32_t size_of_image_ = 0;
int number_of_data_directories_ = 0;
ImageDataDirectory export_table_;
ImageDataDirectory import_table_;
ImageDataDirectory resource_table_;
ImageDataDirectory exception_table_;
ImageDataDirectory base_relocation_table_;
ImageDataDirectory bound_import_table_;
ImageDataDirectory import_address_table_;
ImageDataDirectory delay_import_descriptor_;
ImageDataDirectory clr_runtime_header_;
std::map<RVA, int> abs32_target_rvas_;
std::map<RVA, int> rel32_target_rvas_;
} // namespace courgette