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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "services/network/cert_verify_proc_chromeos.h"
#include <utility>
#include "net/cert/test_root_certs.h"
#include "net/cert/x509_certificate.h"
#include "net/cert/x509_util_nss.h"
// NSS doesn't currently define CERT_LIST_TAIL.
// See
// Can be removed once chrome requires NSS version 3.16 to build.
#define CERT_LIST_TAIL(l) ((CERTCertListNode*)PR_LIST_TAIL(&l->list))
namespace network {
namespace {
struct ChainVerifyArgs {
CertVerifyProcChromeOS* cert_verify_proc;
const net::CertificateList& additional_trust_anchors;
} // namespace
CertVerifyProcChromeOS::CertVerifyProcChromeOS() {}
crypto::ScopedPK11Slot public_slot) {
// Only the software slot is passed, since that is the only one where user
// trust settings are stored.
profile_filter_.Init(std::move(public_slot), crypto::ScopedPK11Slot(),
CertVerifyProcChromeOS::~CertVerifyProcChromeOS() {}
int CertVerifyProcChromeOS::VerifyInternal(
net::X509Certificate* cert,
const std::string& hostname,
const std::string& ocsp_response,
int flags,
net::CRLSet* crl_set,
const net::CertificateList& additional_trust_anchors,
net::CertVerifyResult* verify_result) {
ChainVerifyArgs chain_verify_args = {this, additional_trust_anchors};
CERTChainVerifyCallback chain_verify_callback;
chain_verify_callback.isChainValid =
chain_verify_callback.isChainValidArg =
return VerifyInternalImpl(cert, hostname, ocsp_response, flags, crl_set,
additional_trust_anchors, &chain_verify_callback,
// static
SECStatus CertVerifyProcChromeOS::IsChainValidFunc(
void* is_chain_valid_arg,
const CERTCertList* current_chain,
PRBool* chain_ok) {
ChainVerifyArgs* args = static_cast<ChainVerifyArgs*>(is_chain_valid_arg);
CERTCertificate* cert = CERT_LIST_TAIL(current_chain)->cert;
if (net::TestRootCerts::HasInstance()) {
if (net::TestRootCerts::GetInstance()->Contains(cert)) {
// Certs in the TestRootCerts are not stored in any slot, and thus would
// not be allowed by the profile_filter. This should only be hit in tests.
DVLOG(3) << cert->subjectName << " is a TestRootCert";
*chain_ok = PR_TRUE;
return SECSuccess;
for (net::CertificateList::const_iterator i =
i != args->additional_trust_anchors.end(); ++i) {
if (net::x509_util::IsSameCertificate(cert, i->get())) {
// Certs in the additional_trust_anchors should always be allowed, even if
// they aren't stored in a slot that would be allowed by the
// profile_filter.
DVLOG(3) << cert->subjectName << " is an additional_trust_anchor";
*chain_ok = PR_TRUE;
return SECSuccess;
// TODO(mattm): If is fixed to allow setting trust
// properly when the same cert is in multiple slots, this would also need
// updating to check the per-slot trust values.
*chain_ok = args->cert_verify_proc->profile_filter_.IsCertAllowed(cert)
DVLOG(3) << cert->subjectName << " is " << (*chain_ok ? "ok" : "not ok");
return SECSuccess;
} // namespace network