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// Copyright 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// fileManagerPrivate API.
// This is a private API used by the file browser of ChromeOS.
namespace fileManagerPrivate {
// Type of the mounted volume.
enum VolumeType { drive, downloads, removable, archive, provided, mtp,
media_view, crostini, android_files, documents_provider,
testing };
// Device type. Available if this is removable volume.
enum DeviceType { usb, sd, optical, mobile, unknown };
// Additional data about mount, for example, that the filesystem is not
// supported.
enum MountCondition { unknown, unsupported };
// Additional information of the context the volume was mounted.
enum MountContext { user, auto };
// Is the event raised for mounting or unmounting.
enum MountCompletedEventType { mount, unmount };
// Event type that tells listeners if mount was successful or an error
// occurred. It also specifies the error.
enum MountCompletedStatus {
// File transfer progress state.
enum TransferState { in_progress, completed, failed };
// The type of the progress event.
enum CopyProgressStatusType {
// "begin_copy_entry" is fired for each entry (file or directory) before
// starting the copy operation.
// "end_copy_entry" is fired for each entry (file or directory) after ending
// the copy operation.
// "progress" is fired periodically to report progress of a file copy (not
// directory).
// "success" is fired after all entries are copied.
// "error" is fired when an error occurs.
// The response when starting installing a Linux package.
enum InstallLinuxPackageResponse {
// Specifies type of event that is raised.
enum FileWatchEventType { changed, error };
// Specifies type of change in file watch event.
enum ChangeType { add_or_update, delete };
// The type of entry that is needed. Default to ALL.
// Zooming mode.
enum ZoomOperationType { in, out, reset };
// Specifies how to open inspector.
enum InspectionType {
// Open inspector for foreground page.
// Open inspector for foreground page and bring focus to the console.
// Open inspector for foreground page in inspect element mode.
// Open inspector for background page.
// Device event type.
enum DeviceEventType {
// If the device is disabled by preference.
// Device is removed.
// Device is hard unplugged.
// Format started.
// Format succeeded.
// Format failed.
// Rename started.
// Rename succeeded.
// Rename failed.
// Drive sync error type.
// Keep it synced with DriveSyncErrorType in operation_observer.h.
enum DriveSyncErrorType {
// Request to delete a file without permission.
// Google Drive is temporarily unavailable.
// There is no server space to sync a file.
// Miscellaneous errors other than listed above.
// Result of task execution.
enum TaskResult {
// The task execution succeeded and a new window/tab was opened.
// The task execution succeeded and the message was sent to the proper
// extension.
// The task execution failed.
// No URL is specified.
// Drive share type.
enum DriveShareType {
// Names of properties for getEntryProperties().
enum EntryPropertyName {
// Entry property visibility for setEntryTag();
enum EntryTagVisibility {
// Source of the volume data.
enum Source {
// File handler verbs used to describe the action that an extension performs
// over a file or directory.
enum Verb {
// Recent file sources allowed in getRecentFiles().
enum SourceRestriction {
// Allows any source.
// Allows source with native local file system only.
// Allows native source and Drive source.
enum CrostiniEventType { enable, disable, share, unshare };
// A file task represents an action that the file manager can perform over the
// currently selected files. See
// chrome/browser/chromeos/extensions/file_manager/file_tasks.h for details
// about how file tasks are handled.
dictionary FileTask {
// The unique identifier of the task.
DOMString taskId;
// Task title (ex. App name).
DOMString title;
// The verb that will be used to indicate the action a task performs over
// a file (ex. "open_with").
Verb? verb;
// Task icon url (from chrome://extension-icon/...)
DOMString iconUrl;
// True if this task is a default task for the selected files.
boolean isDefault;
// True if this task is from generic file handler. Generic file handler is a
// file handler which handles any type of files (e.g. extensions: ["*"],
// types: ["*/*"]). Partial wild card (e.g. types: ["image/*"]) is not
// generic file handler.
boolean isGenericFileHandler;
// Additional entry properties.
dictionary EntryProperties {
// Size of this file.
double? size;
// Timestamp of entry update time, in milliseconds past the epoch.
double? modificationTime;
// Timestamp of entry update time by me, in milliseconds past the epoch.
double? modificationByMeTime;
// URL to the Drive thumbnail image for this file.
DOMString? thumbnailUrl;
// URL to the Drive cropped thumbnail image for this file.
DOMString? croppedThumbnailUrl;
// Width, if the entry is an image.
long? imageWidth;
// Height, if the entry is an image.
long? imageHeight;
// Rotation in clockwise degrees, if the entry is an image.
long? imageRotation;
// True if the file is pinned in cache.
boolean? pinned;
// True if the file is present in cache.
boolean? present;
// True if the file is hosted on a server instead of local.
boolean? hosted;
// True if the file is available offline.
boolean? availableOffline;
// True if the file is available on metered connection.
boolean? availableWhenMetered;
// True if the file has local change (has not been fully synced to the cloud).
boolean? dirty;
// URL to the custom icon for this file.
DOMString? customIconUrl;
// Drive MIME type for this file.
DOMString? contentMimeType;
// True if the entry is labeled as shared-with-me.
boolean? sharedWithMe;
// True if the entry is labeled as shared (either from me to others or to me
// by others.)
boolean? shared;
// True if the entry is starred by the user.
boolean? starred;
// externalfile:// URL to open the file in browser.
DOMString? externalFileUrl;
// https:// URL to open the file or folder in the Drive website.
DOMString? alternateUrl;
// https:// URL to open the file or folder in the Drive website with the
// sharing dialog open.
DOMString? shareUrl;
// True if the entry can be copied by the user.
boolean? canCopy;
// True if the entry can be deleted by the user.
boolean? canDelete;
// True if the entry can be renamed by the user.
boolean? canRename;
// True if the entry can have children added to it by the user (directories
// only).
boolean? canAddChildren;
// True if the entry can be shared by the user.
boolean? canShare;
// True if the entry is a machine root for backup and sync.
boolean? isMachineRoot;
// True if the entry is a external media folder, that contains one time only
// uploads for USB devices, SD cards etc.
boolean? isExternalMedia;
// True if the entry is an arbitrary sync folder.
boolean? isArbitrarySyncFolder;
// Information about total and remaining size on the mount point.
dictionary MountPointSizeStats {
// Approximate total available size on the mount point.
double totalSize;
// Approximate remaining available size on the mount point.
double remainingSize;
// Information about a profile.
dictionary ProfileInfo {
// Profile ID. This is currently e-mail address of the profile.
DOMString profileId;
// The name of the profile for display purpose.
DOMString displayName;
// True if the profile is the one running the current file manager instance.
// TODO(hirono): Remove the property because of the design change of
// multi-profile suuport.
boolean isCurrentProfile;
// Represents an icon in multiple dimensions. All are optional.
dictionary IconSet {
DOMString? icon16x16Url;
DOMString? icon32x32Url;
// Mounted disk volume metadata.
dictionary VolumeMetadata {
// ID of the disk volume.
DOMString volumeId;
// Id the provided file system (for provided file systems).
DOMString? fileSystemId;
// ID of the provider, if the volume is backed by FSP.
DOMString? providerId;
// Source of the volume's data.
Source source;
// Label of the volume (if available).
DOMString? volumeLabel;
// Description of the profile where the volume belongs.
// TODO(hirono): Remove the property because of the design change of
// multi-profile support.
ProfileInfo profile;
// The path to the mounted device, archive file or network resource.
DOMString? sourcePath;
// Type of the mounted volume.
VolumeType volumeType;
// Device type. Available if this is removable volume.
DeviceType? deviceType;
// Path to identify the device. This is consistent with DeviceEvent's
// devicePath.
DOMString? devicePath;
// Whether the device is parent or not (i.e. sdb rather than sdb1).
boolean? isParentDevice;
// Flag that specifies if volume is mounted in read-only mode.
boolean isReadOnly;
// Flag that specifies if the device is write-protected.
// Valid only for the volumes of removable device partitions.
boolean isReadOnlyRemovableDevice;
// Flag that specifies whether the volume contains media.
boolean hasMedia;
// Flag that specifies whether the volume is configurable.
boolean configurable;
// Flag that specifies whether the volume is watchable.
boolean watchable;
// Additional data about mount, for example, that the filesystem is not
// supported.
MountCondition? mountCondition;
// Context in which the volume has been mounted.
MountContext? mountContext;
// File system type indentifier.
DOMString? diskFileSystemType;
// Icons for the volume.
IconSet iconSet;
// Drive label of the volume. Removable partitions that belong to the
// same physical removable device share the same drive label.
DOMString? driveLabel;
// Payload data for mount event.
dictionary MountCompletedEvent {
// Is the event raised for mounting or unmounting.
MountCompletedEventType eventType;
// Event type that tells listeners if mount was successful or an error
// occurred. It also specifies the error.
MountCompletedStatus status;
// Metadata of the mounted volume.
VolumeMetadata volumeMetadata;
// Whether the volume event should be notified or not.
boolean shouldNotify;
// Payload data for file transfer status updates.
dictionary FileTransferStatus {
// URL of file that is being transfered.
DOMString fileUrl;
// File transfer progress state.
TransferState transferState;
// Approximated completed portion of the transfer operation.
double processed;
// Approximated total size of transfer operation.
double total;
// Total number of jobs.
long num_total_jobs;
// If true, hide when a job is completed when there are zero jobs in
// progress. Otherwise, hide when one job is in progress.
boolean hideWhenZeroJobs;
// Error during the drive sync.
dictionary DriveSyncErrorEvent {
// Error type.
DriveSyncErrorType type;
// File URL of the entry that the error happens to.
DOMString fileUrl;
// Payload data for copy status progress updates.
dictionary CopyProgressStatus {
// The type of the progress event.
CopyProgressStatusType type;
// URL for the entry currently being copied. This field is particularly useful
// when a directory copy is initiated with startCopy(). The field tells what
// file/directory in that directory is now being copied.
DOMString? sourceUrl;
// URL for the entry currently being created. This field is particularly
// useful when a directory copy is initiated with startCopy(). The field tells
// what file/directory in that directory is being created. Available only for
// end_copy_entry and success.
DOMString? destinationUrl;
// Number of processed bytes for the file currently being copied. Available
// only for "progress" event. To show the progress bar, a caller needs to
// pre-compute the size of files being copied for the file (not directory).
double? size;
// DOMError's name. Available only for ERROR event.
DOMString? error;
// Detailed information of change.
dictionary FileChange {
// URL of changed file (or directory).
DOMString url;
// Type of change, which may be multiple.
ChangeType[] changes;
// Directory change notification details.
dictionary FileWatchEvent {
// Specifies type of event that is raised.
FileWatchEventType eventType;
// An Entry object which represents a changed directory. The conversion into a
// kind of FileEntry object is done in
// For filesystem API's Entry
// interface, see <a
// href=''>The Entry
// interface</a>.
[instanceOf=Entry] object entry;
// Detailed change information of change. It would be null if the detailed
// information is not available.
FileChange[]? changedFiles;
dictionary Preferences {
boolean driveEnabled;
boolean cellularDisabled;
boolean searchSuggestEnabled;
boolean use24hourClock;
DOMString timezone;
boolean arcEnabled;
boolean arcRemovableMediaAccessEnabled;
dictionary PreferencesChange {
boolean? cellularDisabled;
boolean? arcEnabled;
boolean? arcRemovableMediaAccessEnabled;
dictionary SearchParams {
// Search query.
DOMString query;
// ID of the search feed that should be fetched next. Value passed here should
// be gotten from previous searchDrive call. It can be empty for the initial
// search request.
DOMString nextFeed;
dictionary SearchMetadataParams {
// Search query. It can be empty. Any filename matches to an empty query.
DOMString query;
// The type of entry that is needed. Default to ALL.
SearchType types;
// Maximum number of results.
long maxResults;
// Entry and Drive-related properties representing a search result.
dictionary DriveMetadataSearchResult {
// A dictionary object which represents a Drive file. This will be converted
// into a kind of FileEntry object. See
// for details. For filesystem API's
// Entry interface, see <a
// href=''>The Entry
// interface</a>.
[instanceOf=Entry] object entry;
// The base name of a Drive file that matched the search query. The matched
// sub strings are highlighted with <b> element. Meta characters are escaped
// like &lt;.
DOMString highlightedBaseName;
// Whether the file is available while offline. May be unset if not
// applicable.
boolean? availableOffline;
dictionary DriveConnectionState {
DOMString type;
// Reasons of offline.
DOMString? reason;
// Whether the device has a cellular network access or not. i.e. the |type|
// can be 'metered' or not.
boolean hasCellularNetworkAccess;
// Device event dispatched to listeners of onDeviceChaged. See also
// DeviceEventType to know when the event dispatched.
dictionary DeviceEvent {
// Event type of the device event.
DeviceEventType type;
// Device path to identify the device.
DOMString devicePath;
// Describes an installed provider.
dictionary Provider {
// ID of the provider.
DOMString providerId;
// Set of icons for the provider.
IconSet iconSet;
// Name of the provider.
DOMString name;
// Whether supports configuration dialog.
boolean configurable;
// Whether supports watching entries.
boolean watchable;
// Whether supports mounting multiple instances.
boolean multipleMounts;
// Source of file systems' data.
manifestTypes.FileSystemProviderSource source;
// Information about a Linux package in response to GetLinuxPackageInfo.
dictionary LinuxPackageInfo {
DOMString name;
DOMString version;
// A one-line summary of the project. Almost always present.
DOMString? summary;
// A longer description of the project. Almost always present.
DOMString? description;
// Payload data for crostini event.
dictionary CrostiniEvent {
// Is the event raised for enable, disable, share, or unshare.
CrostiniEventType eventType;
// VM that this event relates to.
DOMString vmName;
// Paths that have been shared or unshared.
[instanceOf=Entry] object[] entries;
// Represents an Android app (activity).
dictionary AndroidApp {
// Name of the app to be shown to the user (e.g. Photos).
DOMString name;
// Package name (e.g.
DOMString packageName;
// Activity name (e.g. .PhotosPickerActivity).
DOMString activityName;
// App icon.
IconSet? iconSet;
// Callback that does not take arguments.
callback SimpleCallback = void();
// |result| Boolean result returned by the invoked function.
callback BooleanCallback = void(boolean result);
// |result| Result of the task execution.
callback ExecuteTaskCallback = void(TaskResult result);
// |tasks| The list of matched file entries for this task.
callback GetFileTasksCallback = void(FileTask[] tasks);
// |result| Mime type of the file.
callback GetMimeTypeCallback = void(DOMString result);
// |result| Hash containing the string assets.
callback GetStringsCallback = void(object result);
// |success| True when file watch is successfully added.
callback AddFileWatchCallback = void(optional boolean success);
// |success| True when file watch is successfully removed.
callback RemoveFileWatchCallback = void(optional boolean success);
// |entryProperties| A dictionary containing properties of the requested
// entries.
callback GetEntryPropertiesCallback =
void(EntryProperties[] entryProperties);
// |sourcePath| Source path of the mount.
callback AddMountCallback = void(DOMString sourcePath);
callback MarkCacheAsMountedCallback = void();
// |volumeMetadataList| The list of VolumeMetadata representing mounted volumes.
callback GetVolumeMetadataListCallback =
void(VolumeMetadata[] volumeMetadataList);
// |fileTransferCancelStatuses| The list of FileTransferCancelStatus.
callback CancelFileTransfersCallback =
void(FileTransferCancelStatus[] fileTransferCancelStatuses);
// |copyId| ID of the copy task. Can be used to identify the progress, and to
// cancel the task.
callback StartCopyCallback = void(long copyId);
// |sizeStats| Name/value pairs of size stats. Will be undefined if stats could
// not be determined.
callback GetSizeStatsCallback = void(optional MountPointSizeStats sizeStats);
callback GetPreferencesCallback = void(Preferences result);
// |entries|
// |nextFeed| ID of the feed that contains next chunk of the search result.
// Should be sent to the next searchDrive request to perform
// incremental search.
callback SearchDriveCallback =
void([instanceOf=Entry] object[] entries, DOMString nextFeed);
callback SearchDriveMetadataCallback =
void(DriveMetadataSearchResult[] results);
callback SearchFilesCallback = void([instanceOf=Entry] object[] entries);
// |urls| The map of hash and array of FileEntry's URL. The array can be empty
// if the corresponding file is not found.
callback SearchFilesByHashesCallback = void(object urls);
callback ZipSelectionCallback = void(optional boolean success);
callback GetDriveConnectionStateCallback = void(DriveConnectionState result);
// |result| true if the length is in the valid range, false otherwise.
callback ValidatePathNameLengthCallback = void(boolean result);
// |accessToken| OAuth2 access token, or an empty string if failed to fetch.
callback RequestAccessTokenCallback = void(DOMString accessToken);
// |accessToken| OAuth2 access token, or an empty string if failed to fetch.
callback RequestWebStoreAccessTokenCallback = void(DOMString accessToken);
// |url| Result url.
callback GetUrlCallback = void(DOMString url);
// |profiles| List of profile information.
// |runningProfile| ID of the profile that runs the application instance.
// |showingProfile| ID of the profile that shows the application window.
callback GetProfilesCallback = void(ProfileInfo[] profiles,
DOMString runningProfile,
DOMString displayProfile);
// |entries| External entries.
callback ResolveEntriesCallback =
void([instanceOf=Entry] object[] entries);
// |checksum| Result checksum.
callback ComputeChecksumCallback = void(DOMString checksum);
// |extensions| List of providers.
callback GetProvidersCallback = void(Provider[] extensions);
// |actions| List of actions.
callback GetCustomActionsCallback = void(fileSystemProvider.Action[] actions);
// |size| result size.
callback GetDirectorySizeCallback = void(double size);
// |entries| Recently modified entries.
callback GetRecentFilesCallback = void([instanceOf=Entry] object[] entries);
// |entries| Entries shared with crostini container.
// |firstForSession| true the first time this is called for the session.
callback GetCrostiniSharedPathsCallback =
void([instanceOf = Entry] object[] entries, boolean firstForSession);
// |linux_package_info| Package info for the queried package.
callback GetLinuxPackageInfoCallback =
void(LinuxPackageInfo linux_package_info);
// |status| Result of starting the install
// |failure_reason| Reason for failure for a 'failed' status
callback InstallLinuxPackageCallback = void(
InstallLinuxPackageResponse response, DOMString failure_reason);
// |result| String representing the detected coding system.
callback DetectCharacterEncodingCallback = void(DOMString result);
// |thumbnailDataUrl| A data URL for the thumbnail as a PNG; |thumbnailDataUrl|
// is empty if no thumbnail was available.
callback GetThumbnailCallback = void(DOMString thumbnailDataUrl);
// |apps| List of Android picker apps.
callback GetAndroidPickerAppsCallback = void(AndroidApp[] apps);
interface Functions {
// Logout the current user for navigating to the re-authentication screen for
// the Google account.
static void logoutUserForReauthentication();
// Cancels file selection.
static void cancelDialog();
// Executes file browser task over selected files.
// |taskId| The unique identifier of task to execute.
// |entries| Array of entries
// |callback|
static void executeTask(DOMString taskId,
[instanceof=Entry] object[] entries,
ExecuteTaskCallback callback);
// Sets the default task for the supplied MIME types and path extensions.
// Lists of MIME types and URLs may contain duplicates. Additionally, the
// list of MIME types can be empty.
// |taskId| The unique identifier of task to mark as default.
// |entries| Array of selected entries to extract path extensions from.
// |mimeTypes| Array of selected file MIME types.
// |callback|
static void setDefaultTask(DOMString taskId,
[instanceof=Entry] object[] entries,
DOMString[] mimeTypes,
SimpleCallback callback);
// Gets the list of tasks that can be performed over selected files.
// |entries| Array of selected entries
// |callback|
static void getFileTasks([instanceof=Entry] object[] entries,
GetFileTasksCallback callback);
// Gets the MIME type of a file.
// |entry| Entry to be checked.
// |callback|
static void getMimeType([instanceof=Entry] object entry,
GetMimeTypeCallback callback);
// Gets localized strings and initialization data.
// |callback|
static void getStrings(GetStringsCallback callback);
// Adds file watch.
// |entry| Entry to watch
// |callback|
static void addFileWatch([instanceof=Entry] object entry,
AddFileWatchCallback callback);
// Removes file watch.
// |entry| Watched entry
// |callback|
static void removeFileWatch([instanceof=Entry] object entry,
RemoveFileWatchCallback callback);
// Enables the extenal file scheme necessary to initiate drags to the browser
// window for files on the external backend.
static void enableExternalFileScheme();
// Requests granting R/W permissions for the passed entries. It's a best
// effort operation. Some files may not be granted access if the url is
// invalid or not backed by the external file system.
// |entryUrls| Urls for the entries to be accessed.
// |callback|
static void grantAccess(DOMString[] entryUrls, SimpleCallback callback);
// Selects multiple files.
// |selectedPaths| Array of selected paths
// |shouldReturnLocalPath| true if paths need to be resolved to local paths.
// |callback|
static void selectFiles(DOMString[] selectedPaths,
boolean shouldReturnLocalPath,
SimpleCallback callback);
// Selects a file.
// |selectedPath| A selected path
// |index| Index of Filter
// |forOpening| true if paths are selected for opening. false if for saving.
// |shouldReturnLocalPath| true if paths need to be resolved to local paths.
// |callback|
static void selectFile(DOMString selectedPath,
long index,
boolean forOpening,
boolean shouldReturnLocalPath,
SimpleCallback callback);
// Requests additional properties for files.
// |entries| list of entries
// |names| list of requested properties by their names.
// |callback| Completion callback. May return less than requested properties
// if some are not available. In the same time, it can return properties
// which were not requested (if it's cheap to compute them).
static void getEntryProperties(
[instanceOf=Entry] object[] entries,
EntryPropertyName[] names,
GetEntryPropertiesCallback callback);
// Pins/unpins a Drive file in the cache.
// |entry| Entry to pin/unpin.
// |pin| Pass true to pin the file.
// |callback| Completion callback. $(ref:runtime.lastError) will be set if
// there was an error.
static void pinDriveFile([instanceof=Entry] object entry,
boolean pin,
SimpleCallback callback);
// If |entry| is a Drive file, ensures the file is downloaded to the cache.
// Otherwise, finishes immediately in success. For example, when the file is
// under Downloads, MTP, removeable media, or provided by extensions for
// other cloud storage services than Google Drive, this does nothing.
// This is a workaround to avoid intermittent and duplicated downloading of
// a Drive file by current implementation of Drive integration when an
// extension reads a file sequentially but intermittently.
// |entry| A regular file entry to be read.
// |callback| Callback called after having the file in cache.
// $(ref:runtime.lastError) will be set if there was an error.
static void ensureFileDownloaded([instanceof=Entry] object entry,
SimpleCallback callback);
// Resolves entries in the isolated file system and returns corresponding
// entries in the external file system mounted to Chrome OS file manager
// backend. If resolving entry fails, the entry will be just ignored and the
// corresponding entry does not appear in the result.
static void resolveIsolatedEntries(
[instanceOf=Entry] object[] entries,
ResolveEntriesCallback callback);
// Mount a resource or a file.
// |source| Mount point source. For compressed files it is relative file path
// within external file system
// |callback|
static void addMount(DOMString source, AddMountCallback callback);
// Unmounts a mounted resource.
// |volumeId| An ID of the volume.
static void removeMount(DOMString volumeId);
// Marks a cache file of Drive as mounted or unmounted.
// Does nothing if the file is not under Drive directory.
// |sourcePath| Mounted source file. Relative file path within external file
// system.
// |isMounted| Mark as mounted if true. Mark as unmounted otherwise.
// |callback| Completion callback. $(ref:runtime.lastError) will be set if
// there was an error.
static void markCacheAsMounted(DOMString sourcePath, boolean isMounted,
MarkCacheAsMountedCallback callback);
// Get the list of mounted volumes.
// |callback|
static void getVolumeMetadataList(GetVolumeMetadataListCallback callback);
// Cancels ongoing file transfers for selected files.
// |entries| Array of files for which ongoing transfer should be canceled.
// |callback| Completion callback of the cancel.
static void cancelFileTransfers([instanceof=Entry] object[] entries,
SimpleCallback callback);
// Starts to copy an entry. If the source is a directory, the copy is done
// recursively.
// |entry| Entry of the source entry to be copied.
// |parentEntry| Entry for the destination (parent) directory.
// |newName| Name of the new entry. It must not contain '/'.
// |callback| Completion callback.
static void startCopy([instanceof=Entry] object entry,
[instanceof=DirectoryEntry] object parentEntry,
DOMString newName,
StartCopyCallback callback);
// Cancels the running copy task.
// |copyId| ID of the copy task to be cancelled.
// |callback| Completion callback of the cancel.
static void cancelCopy(long copyId, SimpleCallback callback);
// Retrieves total and remaining size of a mount point.
// |volumeId| ID of the volume to be checked.
// |callback|
static void getSizeStats(DOMString volumeId, GetSizeStatsCallback callback);
// Formats a mounted volume.
// |volumeId| ID of the volume to be formatted.
static void formatVolume(DOMString volumeId);
// Renames a mounted volume.
// |volumeId| ID of the volume to be renamed.
// |newName| New name of the target volume.
static void renameVolume(DOMString volumeId, DOMString newName);
// Retrieves file manager preferences.
// |callback|
static void getPreferences(GetPreferencesCallback callback);
// Sets file manager preferences.
// |changeInfo|
static void setPreferences(PreferencesChange changeInfo);
// Sets the flag for remembering if the toast UI for ARC storage
// has already been shown.
// |callback| Completion callback with the original value of the flag.
static void setArcStorageToastShownFlag(BooleanCallback callback);
// Performs drive content search.
// |searchParams|
// |callback|
static void searchDrive(SearchParams searchParams,
SearchDriveCallback callback);
// Performs drive metadata search.
// |searchParams|
// |callback|
static void searchDriveMetadata(SearchMetadataParams searchParams,
SearchDriveMetadataCallback callback);
// Search files in the volume having |volumeId| by using |hashList|.
// sub-directories) the given |targetDirectoryUrl|.
static void searchFilesByHashes(DOMString volumeId,
DOMString[] hashList,
SearchFilesByHashesCallback callback);
// Search files in My Files.
static void searchFiles(SearchMetadataParams searchParams,
SearchFilesCallback callback);
// Create a zip file for the selected files.
// |parentEntry| Entry of the directory containing the selected files.
// |entries| Entries of the selected files. The files must be under the
// directory specified by |parentEntry|.
// |destName| Name of the destination zip file. The zip file will be created
// under the directory specified by |parentEntry|.
// |callback|
static void zipSelection([instanceof=Entry] object[] entries,
[instanceof=DirectoryEntry] object parentEntry,
DOMString destName,
ZipSelectionCallback callback);
// Retrieves the state of the current drive connection.
// |callback|
static void getDriveConnectionState(GetDriveConnectionStateCallback callback);
// Checks whether the path name length fits in the limit of the filesystem.
// |parentEntry| The entry of the parent directory entry.
// |name| The name of the file.
// |callback| Called back when the check is finished.
static void validatePathNameLength(
[instanceof=DirectoryEntry] object parentEntry,
DOMString name,
ValidatePathNameLengthCallback callback);
// Changes the zoom factor of the Files app.
// |operation| Zooming mode.
static void zoom(ZoomOperationType operation);
// Requests a Drive API OAuth2 access token.
// |refresh| Whether the token should be refetched instead of using the cached
// one.
// |callback|
static void requestAccessToken(boolean refresh,
RequestAccessTokenCallback callback);
// Requests a Webstore API OAuth2 access token.
// |callback|
static void requestWebStoreAccessToken(
RequestWebStoreAccessTokenCallback callback);
// Requests a download url to download the file contents.
// |entry| The entry to download.
// |callback|
static void getDownloadUrl([instanceof=Entry] object entry,
GetUrlCallback callback);
// Requests to share drive files.
// |entry| Entry to be shared.
// |shareType| Type of access that is getting granted.
static void requestDriveShare([instanceof=Entry] object entry,
DriveShareType shareType,
SimpleCallback callback);
// Obtains a list of profiles that are logged-in.
static void getProfiles(GetProfilesCallback callback);
// Opens inspector window.
// |type| InspectionType which specifies how to open inspector.
static void openInspector(InspectionType type);
// Opens page in Settings window.
// |sub_page| Name of a sub_page to show.
static void openSettingsSubpage(DOMString sub_page);
// Computes an MD5 checksum for the given file.
// |entry| The entry of the file to checksum.
// |callback|
static void computeChecksum([instanceof=Entry] object entry,
ComputeChecksumCallback callback);
// Sets a tag on a file or a directory. Only Drive files are supported.
static void setEntryTag([instanceof=Entry] object entry,
EntryTagVisibility visibility,
DOMString key,
DOMString value,
SimpleCallback callback);
// Returns if Piex loader is enabled.
static void isPiexLoaderEnabled(BooleanCallback callback);
// Returns list of available providers.
static void getProviders(GetProvidersCallback callback);
// Requests adding a new provided file system. If not possible, then an error
// via chrome.runtime.lastError is returned.
static void addProvidedFileSystem(DOMString provider_id,
SimpleCallback callback);
// Requests configuring an existing volume. If not possible, then returns
// an error via chrome.runtime.lastError.
static void configureVolume(DOMString volumeId, SimpleCallback callback);
// Requests list of custom actions for the specified entries. If not possible,
// then an error via chrome.runtime.lastError is returned.
static void getCustomActions([instanceof=Entry] object[] entries,
GetCustomActionsCallback callback);
// Executes a custom action for a set of entries. If not possible, then an
// error via chrome.runtime.lastError is returned.
static void executeCustomAction([instanceof=Entry] object[] entries,
DOMString actionId,
SimpleCallback callback);
// Get the total size of a directory.
// |entry| Entry of the target directory.
// |callback|
static void getDirectorySize([instanceof=DirectoryEntry] object entry,
GetDirectorySizeCallback callback);
// Gets recently modified files across file systems.
// |restriction| Flag to restrict sources of recent files.
// |callback|
static void getRecentFiles(SourceRestriction restriction,
GetRecentFilesCallback callback);
// Starts and mounts crostini container.
// |callback|
static void mountCrostini(SimpleCallback callback);
// Shares paths with crostini container.
// |vmName| VM to share path with.
// |entries| Entries of the files or directories to share.
// |persist| If true, shares will persist across restarts.
// |callback|
[nocompile] static void sharePathsWithCrostini(
DOMString vmName, [ instanceof = Entry] object[] entries, boolean persist,
SimpleCallback callback);
// Unshares path with crostini container.
// |vmName| VM to unshare path from.
// |entry| Entry of the file or directory to unshare.
// |callback|
[nocompile] static void unsharePathWithCrostini(
DOMString vmName, [ instanceof = Entry] object entry,
SimpleCallback callback);
// Returns list of paths shared with crostini container.
// |observeFirstForSession| If true, callback provides whether this is the
// |vmName| VM to get shared paths of.
// first time this function has been called with observeFirstForSession true.
[nocompile] static void getCrostiniSharedPaths(
boolean observeFirstForSession, DOMString vmName,
GetCrostiniSharedPathsCallback callback);
// Requests information about a Linux package. |entry| is a .deb file.
static void getLinuxPackageInfo([instanceof=Entry] object entry,
GetLinuxPackageInfoCallback callback);
// Starts installation of a Linux package.
static void installLinuxPackage([instanceof=Entry] object entry,
InstallLinuxPackageCallback callback);
// For a file in DriveFS, retrieves its thumbnail. If |cropToSquare| is true,
// returns a thumbnail appropriate for file list or grid views; otherwise,
// returns a thumbnail appropriate for quickview.
static void getThumbnail([instanceOf=FileEntry] object entry,
boolean cropToSquare,
GetThumbnailCallback callback);
// Returns a guessed character encoding of a hex-encoded string. Every 2
// characters of |bytes| represent one byte by 2-digit hexadecimal number.
// The result is preferred MIME name of the detected character encoding
// system. It is slightly different from IANA name.
// See third_party/ced/src/util/encodings/
// Returns an empty string if failed.
static DOMString detectCharacterEncoding(DOMString bytes,
DetectCharacterEncodingCallback callback);
// Returns a list of Android picker apps to be shown in file selector.
static void getAndroidPickerApps(DOMString[] extensions,
GetAndroidPickerAppsCallback callback);
// Called when the user selects an Android picker app in file selector.
static void selectAndroidPickerApp(AndroidApp androidApp,
SimpleCallback callback);
interface Events {
static void onMountCompleted(MountCompletedEvent event);
static void onFileTransfersUpdated(FileTransferStatus event);
static void onCopyProgress(long copyId, CopyProgressStatus status);
static void onDirectoryChanged(FileWatchEvent event);
static void onPreferencesChanged();
static void onDriveConnectionStatusChanged();
static void onDeviceChanged(DeviceEvent event);
static void onDriveSyncError(DriveSyncErrorEvent event);
static void onAppsUpdated();
static void onCrostiniChanged(CrostiniEvent event);