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Name: Braille Translation Library
Short Name: liblouis
Version: 3.2.0
License: LGPL3 and GPL3
License Android Compatible: No
License File: LICENSE
Security Critical: yes
Liblouis is an open-source braille translator and back-translator. It
features support for computer and literary braille, and supports
contracted and uncontracted translation for many languages.
LibLouis is used as a web assembly module.
Local Modifications:
* Add liblouis_wrapper.js, a js wrapper to wasm binary.
* Add tables.json, a list of tables with metadata.
* Add cvox-common.cti with common definitions for all tables mentioned in
* The web assembly module is compiled by using emscripting.
The full emcc command is:
emmake make && \
emcc ./liblouis/.libs/liblouis.a -s RESERVED_FUNCTION_POINTERS=1 -s MODULARIZE=1 \
-s TOTAL_MEMORY=167772160 -s EXPORT_NAME="'liblouisBuild'" \
'Pointer_stringify', 'allocate','FS', 'cwrap', 'stringToUTF16', \
'UTF16ToString','intArrayFromString', 'intArrayToString', 'setValue',\
'getValue']" --preload-file tables@/ -o liblouis_wasm.js