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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include <ostream>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "base/callback.h"
#include "base/files/file_path.h"
#include "base/files/scoped_file.h"
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/memory/weak_ptr.h"
#include "base/optional.h"
#include "base/threading/thread_checker.h"
#include "components/arc/arc_client_adapter.h"
#include "components/arc/arc_session.h"
namespace ash {
class DefaultScaleFactorRetriever;
namespace arc {
namespace mojom {
class ArcBridgeHost;
} // namespace mojom
class ArcSessionImpl : public ArcSession, public ArcClientAdapter::Observer {
// The possible states of the session. Expected state changes are as follows.
// -> StartMiniInstance() ->
// -> OnLcdDensity ->
// -> OnMiniInstanceStarted() ->
// -> RequestUpgrade() ->
// -> OnUpgraded() ->
// -> OnMojoConnected() ->
// Note that, if RequestUpgrade() is called during STARTING_MINI_INSTANCE
// state, the state change to STARTING_FULL_INSTANCE is suspended until
// the state becomes RUNNING_MINI_INSTANCE.
// Upon |StartMiniInstance()| call, it queries LCD Density through
// Delegate::GetLcdDenstity, and moves to WAITING_FOR_LCD_DENSITY state. The
// query may be made synchronlsly or asynchronosly depending on the
// availability of the density information. It then asks SessionManager to
// start mini container and moves to STARTING_MINI_INSTANCE state.
// At any state, Stop() can be called. It may not immediately stop the
// instance, but will eventually stop it. The actual stop will be notified
// via ArcSession::Observer::OnSessionStopped().
// When Stop() is called, it makes various behavior based on the current
// phase.
// Do nothing. Immediately transition to the STOPPED state.
// The ARC instance is starting via SessionManager. Stop() just sets the
// flag and return. On the main task completion, a callback will run on the
// thread, and the flag is checked at the beginning of them. This should
// work under the assumption that the main tasks do not block indefinitely.
// In its callback, it checks if ARC instance is successfully started or
// not. In case of success, a request to stop the ARC instance is sent to
// SessionManager. Its completion will be notified via ArcInstanceStopped.
// Otherwise, it just turns into STOPPED state.
// The main task runs on TaskScheduler's thread, but it is a blocking call.
// So, Stop() sends a request to cancel the blocking by closing the pipe
// whose read side is also polled. Then, in its callback, similar to
// STARTING_{MINI,FULL}_INSTANCE, a request to stop the ARC instance is
// sent to SessionManager, and ArcInstanceStopped handles remaining
// procedure.
// There is no more callback which runs on normal flow, so Stop() requests
// to stop the ARC instance via SessionManager.
// Another trigger to change the state coming from outside of this class
// is an event ArcInstanceStopped() sent from SessionManager, when ARC
// instace unexpectedly terminates. ArcInstanceStopped() turns the state into
// STOPPED immediately.
// In NOT_STARTED or STOPPED state, the instance can be safely destructed.
// Specifically, in STOPPED state, there may be inflight operations or
// pending callbacks. Though, what they do is just do-nothing conceptually
// and they can be safely ignored.
// Note: Order of constants below matters. Please make sure to sort them
// in chronological order.
enum class State {
// ARC is not yet started.
// It's waiting for LCD dnesity to be available.
// The request to start a mini instance has been sent.
// The instance is set up, but only a handful of processes NOT including
// arcbridgeservice (i.e. mojo endpoint) are running.
// The request to upgrade to a full instance has been sent.
// The instance has started. Waiting for it to connect to the IPC bridge.
// The instance is fully set up.
// ARC is terminated.
static const char kPackagesCacheModeCopy[];
static const char kPackagesCacheModeSkipCopy[];
// Delegate interface to emulate ArcBridgeHost mojo connection establishment.
class Delegate {
// Used for ConnectMojo completion callback.
using ConnectMojoCallback =
using CreateSocketCallback = base::OnceCallback<void(base::ScopedFD)>;
virtual ~Delegate() = default;
// Creates arcbridge UNIX domain socket on a worker pool.
virtual void CreateSocket(CreateSocketCallback callback) = 0;
// Connects ArcBridgeHost via |socket_fd|, and invokes |callback| with
// connected ArcBridgeHost instance if succeeded (or nullptr if failed).
// Returns a FD which cancels the current connection on close(2).
virtual base::ScopedFD ConnectMojo(base::ScopedFD socket_fd,
ConnectMojoCallback callback) = 0;
using GetLcdDensityCallback = base::OnceCallback<void(int32_t)>;
// Gets the lcd density via callback. The callback may be invoked
// immediately if its already available, or called asynchronosly later if
// it's not yet available. Calling this method while there is a pending
// callback will cancel the pending callback.
virtual void GetLcdDensity(GetLcdDensityCallback callback) = 0;
explicit ArcSessionImpl(std::unique_ptr<Delegate> delegate);
~ArcSessionImpl() override;
// Returns default delegate implementation used for the production.
static std::unique_ptr<Delegate> CreateDelegate(
ArcBridgeService* arc_bridge_service,
ash::DefaultScaleFactorRetriever* retriever);
State GetStateForTesting() { return state_; }
// ArcSession overrides:
void StartMiniInstance() override;
void RequestUpgrade(UpgradeParams params) override;
void Stop() override;
bool IsStopRequested() override;
void OnShutdown() override;
// D-Bus callback for StartArcMiniContainer().
void OnMiniInstanceStarted(base::Optional<std::string> container_instance_id);
// Sends a D-Bus message to upgrade to a full instance.
void DoUpgrade();
// Called when arcbridge socket is created.
void OnSocketCreated(base::ScopedFD fd);
// D-Bus callback for UpgradeArcContainer(). |socket_fd| should be a socket
// which should be accept(2)ed to connect ArcBridgeService Mojo channel.
void OnUpgraded(base::ScopedFD socket_fd);
// D-Bus callback for UpgradeArcContainer when the upgrade fails.
// |low_free_disk_space| signals whether the failure was due to low free disk
// space.
void OnUpgradeError(bool low_free_disk_space);
// Called when Mojo connection is established (or canceled during the
// connect.)
void OnMojoConnected(std::unique_ptr<mojom::ArcBridgeHost> arc_bridge_host);
// Request to stop ARC instance via DBus.
void StopArcInstance();
// ArcClientAdapter::Observer:
void ArcInstanceStopped(ArcContainerStopReason stop_reason,
const std::string& container_instance_id) override;
// Completes the termination procedure. Note that calling this may end up with
// deleting |this| because the function calls observers' OnSessionStopped().
void OnStopped(ArcStopReason reason);
// LCD density for the device is available.
void OnLcdDensity(int32_t lcd_density);
// Checks whether a function runs on the thread where the instance is
// created.
// Delegate implementation.
std::unique_ptr<Delegate> delegate_;
// An adapter to talk to the OS daemon.
std::unique_ptr<ArcClientAdapter> client_;
// The state of the session.
State state_ = State::NOT_STARTED;
// When Stop() is called, this flag is set.
bool stop_requested_ = false;
// Whether the full container has been requested
bool upgrade_requested_ = false;
// Container instance id passed from session_manager.
// Should be available only after On{Mini,Full}InstanceStarted().
std::string container_instance_id_;
// In CONNECTING_MOJO state, this is set to the write side of the pipe
// to notify cancelling of the procedure.
base::ScopedFD accept_cancel_pipe_;
// Parameters to upgrade request.
UpgradeParams upgrade_params_;
// Mojo endpoint.
std::unique_ptr<mojom::ArcBridgeHost> arc_bridge_host_;
// WeakPtrFactory to use callbacks.
base::WeakPtrFactory<ArcSessionImpl> weak_factory_;
// Stringified output for logging purpose.
std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream& os, ArcSessionImpl::State state);
} // namespace arc