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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/time/time.h"
#include "base/values.h"
#include "components/security_interstitials/core/controller_client.h"
#include "url/gurl.h"
namespace security_interstitials {
// A base class for quiet vs loud versions of the safe browsing interstitial.
// This class displays UI for Safe Browsing errors that block page loads. This
// class is purely about visual display; it does not do any error-handling logic
// to determine what type of error should be displayed when.
class BaseSafeBrowsingErrorUI {
enum SBInterstitialReason {
struct SBErrorDisplayOptions {
SBErrorDisplayOptions(bool is_main_frame_load_blocked,
bool is_extended_reporting_opt_in_allowed,
bool is_off_the_record,
bool is_extended_reporting_enabled,
bool is_extended_reporting_policy_managed,
bool is_proceed_anyway_disabled,
bool should_open_links_in_new_tab,
bool always_show_back_to_safety,
const std::string& help_center_article_link);
SBErrorDisplayOptions(const SBErrorDisplayOptions& other);
// Indicates if this SB interstitial is blocking main frame load.
bool is_main_frame_load_blocked;
// Indicates if user is allowed to opt-in extended reporting preference.
bool is_extended_reporting_opt_in_allowed;
// Indicates if user is in incognito mode.
bool is_off_the_record;
// Indicates if user opted in for SB extended reporting.
bool is_extended_reporting_enabled;
// Whether the SBER pref is being managed by enterprise policy, meaning the
// user is unable to change the pref.
bool is_extended_reporting_policy_managed;
// Indicates if kSafeBrowsingProceedAnywayDisabled preference is set.
bool is_proceed_anyway_disabled;
// Indicates if links should use a new foreground tab or the current tab.
bool should_open_links_in_new_tab;
// Indicates if the 'Back to safety' primary action button should always be
// shown. If the option is false, this button is shown only when there is
// a proper page to navigate back to. Chrome and Chromium builds should
// always set this option to true,
bool always_show_back_to_safety;
// The p= query parameter used when visiting the Help Center. If this is
// nullptr, then a default value will be used for the SafeBrowsing article.
std::string help_center_article_link;
const GURL& request_url,
const GURL& main_frame_url,
BaseSafeBrowsingErrorUI::SBInterstitialReason reason,
const BaseSafeBrowsingErrorUI::SBErrorDisplayOptions& display_options,
const std::string& app_locale,
const base::Time& time_triggered,
ControllerClient* controller);
virtual ~BaseSafeBrowsingErrorUI();
bool is_main_frame_load_blocked() const {
return display_options_.is_main_frame_load_blocked;
bool is_extended_reporting_opt_in_allowed() const {
return display_options_.is_extended_reporting_opt_in_allowed;
bool is_off_the_record() const { return display_options_.is_off_the_record; }
bool is_extended_reporting_enabled() const {
return display_options_.is_extended_reporting_enabled;
void set_extended_reporting(bool pref) {
display_options_.is_extended_reporting_enabled = pref;
bool is_extended_reporting_policy_managed() const {
return display_options_.is_extended_reporting_policy_managed;
bool is_proceed_anyway_disabled() const {
return display_options_.is_proceed_anyway_disabled;
bool should_open_links_in_new_tab() const {
return display_options_.should_open_links_in_new_tab;
bool always_show_back_to_safety() const {
return display_options_.always_show_back_to_safety;
const std::string& get_help_center_article_link() const {
return display_options_.help_center_article_link;
const SBErrorDisplayOptions& get_error_display_options() const {
return display_options_;
// Checks if we should even show the extended reporting option.
// We don't show it:
// - in incognito mode
// - if kSafeBrowsingExtendedReportingOptInAllowed preference is disabled.
// - if kSafeBrowsingExtendedReporting is managed by enterprise policy.
bool CanShowExtendedReportingOption() {
return !is_off_the_record() && is_extended_reporting_opt_in_allowed() &&
SBInterstitialReason interstitial_reason() const {
return interstitial_reason_;
const std::string app_locale() const { return app_locale_; }
ControllerClient* controller() { return controller_; }
GURL request_url() const { return request_url_; }
GURL main_frame_url() const { return main_frame_url_; }
virtual void PopulateStringsForHtml(
base::DictionaryValue* load_time_data) = 0;
virtual void HandleCommand(SecurityInterstitialCommand command) = 0;
virtual int GetHTMLTemplateId() const = 0;
const GURL request_url_;
const GURL main_frame_url_;
const SBInterstitialReason interstitial_reason_;
SBErrorDisplayOptions display_options_;
const std::string app_locale_;
const base::Time time_triggered_;
ControllerClient* controller_;
} // security_interstitials