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Please do not mail any of the authors listed here
asking questions about this version of GTK+.
Original Authors
Peter Mattis <>
Spencer Kimball <>
Josh MacDonald <>
The GTK+ Team (in alphabetical order)
Shawn T. Amundson <>
Jerome Bolliet <>
Damon Chaplin <>
Tony Gale <>
Jeff Garzik <>
Lars Hamann <>
Raja R Harinath <>
Carsten Haitzler <>
Tim Janik <>
Stefan Jeske <>
Elliot Lee <>
Raph Levien <>
Ian Main <>
Federico Mena <>
Paolo Molaro <>
Jay Painter <>
Manish Singh <>
Owen Taylor <>
There are many others who have contributed patches; we thank them,
GTK+ is much better because of them.
Over time, GTK+ has incorporated some pieces of software which
started as independent projects. We list the original authors here:
MS-Windows theme engine
Raymond Penners
Dom Lachowicz
Pixbuf theme engine
Owen Taylor
IME input method
Takuro Ashie
Mac OS X backend
Anders Carlsson
DirectFB backend
Denis Oliver Kropp
Sven Neumann
Mike Emmel