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2010-08-10 Hyphen 2.6 release:
- maintainance release, fix all warnings, tidy up
make check with VALGRIND=memcheck, etc.
2010-02-23 Hyphen 2.5 release:
- add Unicode ligature support for correct hyphenmin calculation
(ff, fi, fl, St, st are 1-character, ffi and ffl are 2-character length for
- fix lefthyphenmin calculation for UTF-8 encoded input
- en_US hyphenation dictionary:
- add patch to fix apostrophe handling
- add correct hyphenation for words with Unicode f-ligatures
(NOTE: hyphenation within ligatures is not supported yet
because of an implementation problem of,
see OOo issue 71608.)
- small patches from
2008-05-01 Hyphen 2.4 release:
- compound word hyphenation support by recursive pattern matching
based on two hyphenation pattern sets, see README.compound.
Especially useful for languages with arbitrary number of compounds (Danish,
Dutch, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish etc.).
- new dictionary parameters (minimal character numbers for hyph. distances):
LEFTHYPHENMIN: minimal hyphenation distance from the left end of the word
RIGHTHYPHENMIN: minimal hyphenation distance from the right end of the word
COMPOUNDLEFTHYPHENMIN: min. hyph. dist. from the left compound word boundary
COMPOUNDRIGHTHYPHENMIN: min. hyph. dist. from the right comp. word boundary
- new API function: hnj_hyphen_hyphenate3() (like hyphenate2(), but
with hyphenmin options)
en_US hyphenation patterns:
- extended hyph_en_US.dic with TugBoat hyphenation log (fix thousand
incompletely or badly hyphenated words, for example acad-e-my, acro-nym,
acryl-amide, adren-a-line, aero-space, am-phet-a-mine, anom-aly etc.)
- fixed hyph_en_US.dic: set the right default hyphenation distance of
the original TeX hyphenation patterns:
It is not only a typographical issue. It seems, TeX hyphenation
patterns are right only with these settings, for example,
the bad "anoma-ly" is restricted in TeX only by the default
\righthyphenmin=3 (but not restricted in, until now).
- documentation (README_hyph_en_US.dic)
- fixes for automake configuration, compiling and checking, see ChangeLog
2008-02-19: Hyphen 2.3.1 release:
- fix obsolete API function hnj_hyphen_hyphenate()