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Name: libexif
Version: 0.6.21
License: LGPL 2.1
License File: sources/COPYING
Date: 2012-06-04
Security Critical: yes.
libexif is a library for parsing, editing, and saving EXIF data. Many maker
notes from Canon, Casio, Epson, Fuji, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax and Sanyo cameras
are also supported.
Local Modifications:
- Added license header to exif-mem.c. Please refer to chromium.patch.
- config.h and _stdint.h has been modified to build on all platforms. Please
refer to chromium.patch.
- Added BIND_TEXTDOMAIN macro to conditionally bind the text domain to locale
directory. Please refer to chromium.patch.
- Removed ABOUT-NLS, *.m4, *-m4, binary, ChangeLog, config*, contrib, depcomp,
INSTALL, install-sh, Makefile-files, *.sym, *.am, *.in, *, *.spec, *.sh
and *.txt files.
- Removed "doc", "po", "NEWS", "mkinstalldirs", "missing", "nls" folders.