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/* Bcj2.h -- Converter for x86 code (BCJ2)
2009-02-07 : Igor Pavlov : Public domain */
#ifndef __BCJ2_H
#define __BCJ2_H
#include "Types.h"
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
outSize <= FullOutputSize,
where FullOutputSize is full size of output stream of x86_2 filter.
If buf0 overlaps outBuf, there are two required conditions:
1) (buf0 >= outBuf)
2) (buf0 + size0 >= outBuf + FullOutputSize).
SZ_ERROR_DATA - Data error
int Bcj2_Decode(
const Byte *buf0, SizeT size0,
const Byte *buf1, SizeT size1,
const Byte *buf2, SizeT size2,
const Byte *buf3, SizeT size3,
Byte *outBuf, SizeT outSize);
#ifdef __cplusplus