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#import <AppKit/AppKit.h>
@interface NSWorkspace(CaminoDefaultBrowserAdditions)
- (NSArray*)installedBrowserIdentifiers; // sort order not specified
- (NSString*)defaultBrowserIdentifier;
- (NSURL*)defaultBrowserURL;
- (NSArray*)installedFeedViewerIdentifiers;
- (NSString*)defaultFeedViewerIdentifier;
- (NSURL*)defaultFeedViewerURL;
- (void)setDefaultBrowserWithIdentifier:(NSString*)bundleID;
- (void)setDefaultFeedViewerWithIdentifier:(NSString*)bundleID;
- (NSURL*)urlOfApplicationWithIdentifier:(NSString*)bundleID;
- (NSString*)identifierForBundle:(NSURL*)inBundleURL;
- (NSString*)displayNameForFile:(NSURL*)inFileURL;
// OS feature checks
+ (NSString*)osVersionString;
+ (BOOL)isLeopardOrHigher;