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git log 481749905d44..ff402c2c4ce8 --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s'
2018-07-17 Check for global flag on global proxy objects.
2018-07-16 Make JSGetObject<C>() return UnownedPtr<C>.
2018-07-16 Use UnownedPtr/Optional in cfxa_layoutcontext.cpp
2018-07-16 Use UnownedPtr<> to v8::Isolates.
2018-07-16 Fix crash when typing letters into an XFA datetime field.
2018-07-16 Alert embedder when attempting to save XFA form
2018-07-16 Fix some nits in CPDF_Document.
2018-07-16 Add FPDFFormObj_GetObject() API
2018-07-16 Process data changes regardless if they can be formatted
2018-07-16 Use UnownedPtr in CXFA_LocaleMgr
2018-07-16 Remove unused member from CPDF_DataAvail.

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