debugger statement is ignored in iframes removed from the document

This patch is conditioning the message `ContextWillBeDestroyed` to `MainThreadDebugger` during context disposal to happen only if the reason we are disposing the context is not `ClearForClose`.
The reason for such change is that the context of a detached iframe can still be used to execute code via iframe's `eval` and it would be useful to debug such code.
`ContextWillBeDestroyed` sends V8Inspector a `contextDestroyed` message where the inspector disposes data structures related with that context. Such message is also sent to V8Inspector when a context gets collected
by V8 GC, meaning that we were prematurely disposing such data
structures during frame dettachment and disallowing debuggability for
code using those contexts.
Since InspectedContexts holds a weak reference to a context and there's no strong reference from V8Inspector, this change doesn't leak memory by
holding contexts alive. Since there are multiple tests that rely on
`Runtime.executionContextDestroyed` message, we updated them to perform a GC after frame detachment, so the test could still work as expected.

Bug: 1015462
Change-Id: I6014bd8ddbfb1d3838b5364ccc9520b3b363b5fd
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