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Name: fips181
Version: 2.2.3
Security Critical: yes
License: BSD 3-Clause
License File: COPYING
A C library that provides an implementation of FIPS 181 Automated Password
Generator (APG).
Local Modifications:
pronpass.c and pronpass.h were imported as files and fips181.h.
owntypes.h was removed and the calling code changed to use standard C99/C++
types. (At least 1 typedef (UINT32) conflicted with the same typedef in
windows.h.) Although the upstream code is vanilla C, bool is available without
stdbool.h here because we compile the code as C++. Vanilla C users must include
that header.
Additionally, some variables and a function (is_restricted_symbol) have had
their types changed from int to bool (they were being used as bools). This
allows us to build the code warning-free in MSVC (warning C4805).