Revert "Add range checks for `StringPiece`."

This reverts commit c8bccdf109b1dcad454f4e26e868dc3d3af099f0.

Reason for revert: This change has r540894 as dependency. However, r540894 was reverted in r541006, just before this patch landed. Since this currently causes failures on Mac due to crashpad errors, I am reverting this change for now.

Original change's description:
> Add range checks for `StringPiece`.
> Range check `operator[]`, `front`, `back`, and  `remove_{pre,suf}fix`.
> Bug: 817982,818376,818844
> Change-Id: I3a0b560af273c9b04237a18a1bc0b56283d3d824
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> Commit-Queue: Chris Palmer <>
> Reviewed-by: Daniel Cheng <>
> Reviewed-by: Mark Mentovai <>
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Change-Id: I7d5c2ca050869aff8dca4ba6b724761172aa1d83
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Bug: 817982, 818376, 818844
Reviewed-by: Jan Wilken Dörrie <>
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