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2019-06-25 PackagesService: Uprev
2019-06-25 cros_test_unittest: Add Tast Test Unittests

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  gclient setdep -r src/third_party/chromite@eb77ffa955c6

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Change-Id: I9db1dfdb2d3f60c0c49eb5ccad1fdc5b2be9869a
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diff --git a/DEPS b/DEPS
index a03d784..37ec1e6a 100644
--- a/DEPS
+++ b/DEPS
@@ -807,7 +807,7 @@
   # Build tools for Chrome OS. Note: This depends on third_party/pyelftools.
   'src/third_party/chromite': {
-      'url': Var('chromium_git') + '/chromiumos/chromite.git' + '@' + '1e2dfd22680d2c5b663b545a1dc6416ae2ea32b6',
+      'url': Var('chromium_git') + '/chromiumos/chromite.git' + '@' + 'eb77ffa955c6f18822382c7b91cc95ef3e52c21f',
       'condition': 'checkout_linux',