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<dd>- black hot drink</dd>
<dd>- white cold drink</dd>
<math xmlns="">
<mi> x </mi>
<mo> + </mo>
<mi> a </mi>
<mo> / </mo>
<mi> b </mi>
<h1>Most important heading here</h1>
<h1>Google Chrome</h1>
<p>Google Chrome is a free, open-source web browser developed by Google,
released in 2008.</p>
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<a href="/html/">HTML</a> |
<a href="/css/">CSS</a> |
<a href="/js/">JavaScript</a> |
<p>Text that appears under aside</p>
Text in a pre
<h1>Most important heading here</h1>
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Written by Julie<br>
Visit us<br>
<p>January <dialog open>This is an open dialog window</dialog></p>
<img width="12" height="10" src="" alt="blue">
<figcaption>Fig1. - Blue Box</figcaption>
<embed src="xxx.mp3">
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<p>End of test</p>
<p id="description"></p>
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description("This test make sure that unfocuasable elements are mapped implicitly to AX roles.");
if (window.testRunner)
if (window.accessibilityController)
buildAccessibilityTree(accessibilityController.focusedElement, 0, 1);