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<script src="../resources/js-test.js"></script>
<!-- implicit level of tag -->
<h1 class="ex" data-expected="1">X</h1>
<h2 class="ex" data-expected="2">X</h2>
<h3 class="ex" data-expected="3">X</h3>
<h4 class="ex" data-expected="4">X</h4>
<h5 class="ex" data-expected="5">X</h5>
<h6 class="ex" data-expected="6">X</h6>
<!-- explicit aria-level overrides on h1-h6 (withOUT explicit heading role declaration) does not work in current WebKit. -->
<!-- Waiting on thread resolution to determine if it's a bug: -->
<h6 class="ex" data-expected="1" aria-level="1">X</h6>
<h5 class="ex" data-expected="2" aria-level="2">X</h5>
<h4 class="ex" data-expected="3" aria-level="3">X</h4>
<h3 class="ex" data-expected="4" aria-level="4">X</h3>
<h2 class="ex" data-expected="5" aria-level="5">X</h2>
<h1 class="ex" data-expected="6" aria-level="6">X</h1>
<!-- explicit aria-level overrides on h1-h6 (with explicit heading role declaration) -->
<h6 class="ex" role="heading" data-expected="1" aria-level="1">X</h6>
<h5 class="ex" role="heading" data-expected="2" aria-level="2">X</h5>
<h4 class="ex" role="heading" data-expected="3" aria-level="3">X</h4>
<h3 class="ex" role="heading" data-expected="4" aria-level="4">X</h3>
<h2 class="ex" role="heading" data-expected="5" aria-level="5">X</h2>
<h1 class="ex" role="heading" data-expected="6" aria-level="6">X</h1>
<!-- explicit aria-level set on div with explicit heading role declaration -->
<div class="ex" role="heading" data-expected="1" aria-level="1">X</div>
<div class="ex" role="heading" data-expected="2" aria-level="2">X</div>
<div class="ex" role="heading" data-expected="3" aria-level="3">X</div>
<div class="ex" role="heading" data-expected="4" aria-level="4">X</div>
<div class="ex" role="heading" data-expected="5" aria-level="5">X</div>
<div class="ex" role="heading" data-expected="6" aria-level="6">X</div>
<!-- A level that is specified either as 0 or as a negative number,should be set to 1. -->
<div class="ex" role="heading" data-expected="2" aria-level="0">X</div>
<div class="ex" role="heading" data-expected="2" aria-level="-1">X</div>
<!-- explicit heading role without an aria-level, should default to 2. -->
<div class="ex" role="heading" data-expected="2">X</div>
<!-- todo: h1 elements nested in section elements should inherit nested level. -->
<div id="console"></div>
if (window.testRunner && window.accessibilityController) {
description("This tests that headings have a level matching the implicit default value or explicitly defined aria-level value.")
var examples = document.querySelectorAll('.ex');
for (var i = 0, c = examples.length; i < c; i++) {
var el = examples[i]; = 'ex' + i;
var axElement = accessibilityController.accessibleElementById(;
var result = document.getElementById('console');
// Test AXLevel.
if (axElement.intValue == parseInt(el.getAttribute('data-expected'))) {
result.innerText += "PASS: level is " + axElement.intValue + ".\n";
} else {
result.innerText += "FAIL: level is " + axElement.intValue + " for " + el.outerHTML + ", expected " + parseInt(el.getAttribute('data-expected')) + ".\n";
} = 'none'; // Hide each example after verification.