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Choose a shipping method:
End of test
This tests that a fieldset's title ui element is the legend.
On success, you will see a series of "PASS" messages, followed by "TEST COMPLETE".
AXRole: AXWebArea
AXRole: AXGroup "Choose a shipping method:"
AXRole: AXLegend << fieldset's titleUIElement
AXRole: AXStaticText "Choose a shipping method:"
AXRole: AXInlineTextBox "Choose a shipping method:"
AXRole: AXGroup
AXRole: AXRadioButton
AXRole: AXStaticText "Overnight"
AXRole: AXInlineTextBox "Overnight"
AXRole: AXGenericContainer
AXRole: AXStaticText "End of test"
PASS titleUIElement != null is true
PASS is 'Choose a shipping method:'
PASS successfullyParsed is true