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<title>CSS 2.1 Test Suite: Inheritance</title>
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<style type="text/css">
body { color: navy; }
.a { text-decoration: underline; }
#a { font-style: italic; }
<link rel="help" href="" title="6.2 Inheritance">
<link rel="help" href="" title="16.3.1 Underlining, overlining, striking, and blinking: the 'text-decoration' property">
<p class="a"> This should be blue and underlined. </p>
<p class="a"> This sentence should be underlined, including
<code>this part</code>, <cite>this part</cite>, <em>this part</em>,
and <strong>this part</strong>. </p>
<p id="a" class="a"> This sentence should also be underlined, as
well as italics, <strong>including this part</strong>. </p>
<p> This sentence should be blue but not underlined, like
<strong>this part</strong>, but <em style="text-decoration: underline;">this part should be underlined</em>. </p>