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<title>CSS 2.1 Test Suite: display</title>
<style type="text/css">
p, div { color: navy; }
.one {display: block;}
.two {display: inline;}
.three {display: list-item; list-style-type: decimal; list-style-position: inside;}
.four {display: none; color: yellow; background: red;}
a {display: block;}
<link rel="help" href="" title="12.5 Lists">
<link rel="help" href="" title="9.2.4 The 'display' property">
<p class="pc">There should be eight numbered lines below, all identical except for the numbering, which should match the description. </p>
<div class="three"> This should be line one. </div>
<div class="one"> 2. This should be line two. </div>
<div class="two"> 3. This should </div>
<div class="two"> be line three. </div>
<div> 4. This should be line four. </div>
<div class="four"> FAIL: This text should not appear. </div>
<div> 5. This should be line five. <span class="four">FAIL: This text should not appear.</span> </div>
<div> 6. This should be line six. <a>7. This should be line seven.</a> 8. This should be line eight. </div>