Revert "Fix nullptr scrollbar crash"

This reverts commit 21576dbba343f81c6b7c02221ffa11542ffbae72.

Reason for revert: Crashes continued with same stack - ruling out the hypothesis.

Original change's description:
> Fix nullptr scrollbar crash
> Not sure how this can happen. ScrollbarsFor somehow returns a nullptr in
> the ScrollbarSet. This must mean ToScrollbarLayer returns nullptr. This
> method returns nullptr in the base and this in the
> ScrollbarLayerImplBase override. Therefore the LayerToId muse be
> returning a non-scrollbar layer.
> The only time we add anything to element_id_to_scrollbar_layer_ids_
> though is from LTI::RegisterScrollbar which is necessarily a scrollbar
> layer. I think this means the Layer with the scrollbar layer's ID at
> some point changes to a different layer. The ID-to-Layer mapping is
> cleared when a layer is destroyed and the scrollbar layer clears the
> element_id_to_scrollbar_layer_ids_ mapping in its destructor so I'm
> speculating that we might be registering a new non-scrollbar layer with
> the same id. I've converted the DCHECK to a CHECK at that location to
> see if it comes back with any crashes from the wild.
> Bug: 924068
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Bug: 924068
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