Revert "Reland: Use a per-frame task runner at mojom::SafeBrowsing binding"

This reverts commit 23416d1cede8c6aa875bb86b59bc2b3a9392916d.

Reason for revert: Introduce flakiness again:

Original change's description:
> Reland: Use a per-frame task runner at mojom::SafeBrowsing binding
> This is reland of
> This was reverted once since ServiceWorkerTest.UpdateRefreshesServiceWorker
> became flaky on Windows, but now this doesn't, though the reason is unclear.
> This CL switches task runners at several places from per-thread to
> per-frame. The purpose of this change is to make it possible to freeze
> tasks for bfcache.
> We found an actual case that JavaScript is executed:
> ./tools/perf/run_tests benchmarks.system_health_smoke_test.SystemHealthBenchmarkSmokeTest.system_health.memory_desktop/load:media:soundcloud:2018
> As this is a non-standard JavaScript API execution, we adopted
> kInternalDefault as the task type.
> Bug: 913912
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# Not skipping CQ checks because original CL landed > 1 day ago.

Bug: 913912
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