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// Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <stddef.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <vector>
#include "base/optional.h"
#include "components/zucchini/address_translator.h"
#include "components/zucchini/buffer_source.h"
#include "components/zucchini/buffer_view.h"
#include "components/zucchini/image_utils.h"
namespace zucchini {
// Win32 PE relocation table stores a list of (type, RVA) pairs. The table is
// organized into "blocks" for RVAs with common high-order bits (12-31). Each
// block consists of a list (even length) of 2-byte "units". Each unit stores
// type (in bits 12-15) and low-order bits (0-11) of an RVA (in bits 0-11). In
// pseudo-struct:
// struct Block {
// uint32_t rva_hi;
// uint32_t block_size_in_bytes; // 8 + multiple of 4.
// struct {
// uint16_t rva_lo:12, type:4; // Little-endian.
// } units[(block_size_in_bytes - 8) / 2]; // Size must be even.
// } reloc_table[num_blocks]; // May have padding (type = 0).
// Extracted Win32 reloc Unit data.
struct RelocUnitWin32 {
RelocUnitWin32(uint8_t type_in, offset_t location_in, rva_t target_rva_in);
friend bool operator==(const RelocUnitWin32& a, const RelocUnitWin32& b);
uint8_t type;
offset_t location;
rva_t target_rva;
// A reader that parses Win32 PE relocation data and emits RelocUnitWin32 for
// each reloc unit that lies strictly inside |[lo, hi)|.
class RelocRvaReaderWin32 {
enum : ptrdiff_t { kRelocUnitSize = sizeof(uint16_t) };
// Parses |image| at |reloc_region| to find beginning offsets of each reloc
// block. On success, writes the result to |reloc_block_offsets| and returns
// true. Otherwise leaves |reloc_block_offsets| in an undetermined state, and
// returns false.
static bool FindRelocBlocks(ConstBufferView image,
BufferRegion reloc_region,
std::vector<offset_t>* reloc_block_offsets);
// |reloc_block_offsets| should be precomputed from FindRelBlocks().
RelocRvaReaderWin32(ConstBufferView image,
BufferRegion reloc_region,
const std::vector<offset_t>& reloc_block_offsets,
offset_t lo,
offset_t hi);
// Successively visits and returns data for each reloc unit, or base::nullopt
// when all reloc units are found. Encapsulates block transition details.
base::Optional<RelocUnitWin32> GetNext();
// Assuming that |block_begin| points to the beginning of a reloc block, loads
// |rva_hi_bits_| and assigns |cur_reloc_units_| as the region containing the
// associated units, potentially truncated by |end_it_|. Returns true if reloc
// data are available for read, and false otherwise.
bool LoadRelocBlock(ConstBufferView::const_iterator block_begin);
const ConstBufferView image_;
// End iterator.
ConstBufferView::const_iterator end_it_;
// Unit data of the current reloc block.
BufferSource cur_reloc_units_;
// High-order bits (12-31) for all relocs of the current reloc block.
rva_t rva_hi_bits_;
// A reader for Win32 reloc References, implemented as a filtering and
// translation adaptor of RelocRvaReaderWin32.
class RelocReaderWin32 : public ReferenceReader {
// Takes ownership of |reloc_rva_reader|. |offset_bound| specifies the
// exclusive upper bound of reloc target offsets, taking account of widths of
// targets (which are abs32 References).
RelocReaderWin32(RelocRvaReaderWin32&& reloc_rva_reader,
uint16_t reloc_type,
offset_t offset_bound,
const AddressTranslator& translator);
~RelocReaderWin32() override;
// ReferenceReader:
base::Optional<Reference> GetNext() override;
RelocRvaReaderWin32 reloc_rva_reader_;
const uint16_t reloc_type_; // uint16_t to simplify shifting (<< 12).
const offset_t offset_bound_;
AddressTranslator::RvaToOffsetCache entry_rva_to_offset_;
// A writer for Win32 reloc References. This is simpler than the reader since:
// - No iteration is required.
// - High-order bits of reloc target RVAs are assumed to be handled elsewhere,
// so only low-order bits need to be written.
class RelocWriterWin32 : public ReferenceWriter {
RelocWriterWin32(uint16_t reloc_type,
MutableBufferView image,
BufferRegion reloc_region,
const std::vector<offset_t>& reloc_block_offsets,
const AddressTranslator& translator);
~RelocWriterWin32() override;
// ReferenceWriter:
void PutNext(Reference ref) override;
const uint16_t reloc_type_;
MutableBufferView image_;
BufferRegion reloc_region_;
const std::vector<offset_t>& reloc_block_offsets_;
AddressTranslator::OffsetToRvaCache target_offset_to_rva_;
} // namespace zucchini