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// Copyright (c) 2011 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <ostream>
#include "printing/page_range.h"
namespace printing {
class PrintSettings;
// Represents a page series following the array of page ranges defined in a
// PrintSettings.
class PRINTING_EXPORT PageNumber {
// Initializes the page to the first page in the settings's range or 0.
PageNumber(const PrintSettings& settings, int document_page_count);
void operator=(const PageNumber& other);
// Initializes the page to the first page in the setting's range or 0. It
// initialize to npos if the range is empty and document_page_count is 0.
void Init(const PrintSettings& settings, int document_page_count);
// Converts to a page numbers.
int ToInt() const {
return page_number_;
// Calculates the next page in the serie.
int operator++();
// Returns an instance that represents the end of a serie.
static const PageNumber npos() {
return PageNumber();
// Equality operator. Only the current page number is verified so that
// "page != PageNumber::npos()" works.
bool operator==(const PageNumber& other) const;
bool operator!=(const PageNumber& other) const;
// The page range to follow.
const PageRanges* ranges_;
// The next page to be printed. -1 when not printing.
int page_number_;
// The next page to be printed. -1 when not used. Valid only if
// document()->settings().range.empty() is false.
int page_range_index_;
// Number of expected pages in the document. Used when ranges_ is NULL.
int document_page_count_;
// Debug output support.
template<class E, class T>
inline typename std::basic_ostream<E,T>& operator<<(
typename std::basic_ostream<E,T>& ss, const PageNumber& page) {
return ss << page.ToInt();
} // namespace printing