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#!/usr/bin/env vpython
# Copyright 2017 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import os
import re
import sys
'..', 'renderer', 'build', 'scripts'))
from blinkbuild.name_style_converter import NameStyleConverter
from blinkpy.common.system.filesystem import FileSystem
def relative_dest(fs, filename):
"""Returns a destination path string for given filename.
|filename| is a path relative to third_party/WebKit, and the resultant path
is relative to third_party/blink.
dest = None
if filename.startswith('Source'):
dest = re.sub(r'^Source', 'renderer', filename)
elif filename.startswith('common') or filename.startswith('public'):
dest = filename
raise ValueError('|filename| must start with "common", "public", or "Source": %s' % filename)
if filename.endswith(('.h', '.cpp', '.mm', '.idl', '.typemap', '.proto', 'Settings.json5')):
dirname, basename = fs.split(dest)
basename, ext = fs.splitext(basename)
# Skip some inspector-related files. #includes for these files are
# generated by a script outside of Blink.
if (re.match(r'Inspector.*Agent', basename)
or basename.startswith('AdTracker')
or basename == 'InspectorTraceEvents'
or basename == 'PerformanceMonitor'
or basename == 'PlatformTraceEventsAgent'):
return dest
if filename.endswith('.cpp'):
ext = '.cc'
# WebKit.h should be renamed to blink.h.
if basename == 'WebKit' and ext == '.h':
basename = 'blink'
if basename.lower() != basename:
basename = NameStyleConverter(basename).to_snake_case()
return fs.join(dirname, basename + ext)
return dest
def start_with_list(name, prefixes):
if len(prefixes) == 0:
return True
for prefix in prefixes:
if name.startswith(prefix):
return True
return False
def plan_blink_move(fs, prefixes):
"""Returns (source, dest) path pairs.
The source paths are relative to third_party/WebKit,
and the dest paths are relative to third_party/blink.
The paths use os.sep as the path part separator.
blink_dir = fs.join(fs.dirname(__file__), '..')
webkit_dir = fs.join(blink_dir, '..', '..', 'third_party', 'WebKit')
source_files = fs.files_under(fs.join(webkit_dir, 'Source'))
source_files += fs.files_under(fs.join(webkit_dir, 'common'))
source_files += fs.files_under(fs.join(webkit_dir, 'public'))
# It's possible to check git.exists() here, but we don't do it due to slow
# performance. We should check it just before executing git command.
source_files = [f[len(webkit_dir) + 1:] for f in source_files]
return [(f, relative_dest(fs, f)) for f in source_files
if f.find('node_modules') == -1 and start_with_list(f, prefixes)]
def main():
fs = FileSystem()
file_pairs = plan_blink_move(fs, sys.argv[1:])
print 'Show renaming plan. It contains files not in the repository.'
print '<Source path relative to third_party/WebKit> => <Destination path relative to third_party/blink>'
for pair in file_pairs:
print '%s\t=>\t%s' % pair
if __name__ == '__main__':