[Merge] Roll src/third_party/harfbuzz-ng/src/ 36fb2b4da..fe5329231 (26 commits)

Fixes emoji subdivision flag rendering when fallback is needed to find
the emoji font that covers subdivision flags.

Fixes conflicts between Chromium and HarfBuzz' preferences for compiler
warnings configuration by using HarfBuzz' new
HB_NO_PRAGMA_GCC_DIAGNOSTIC_WARNING define which avoids overriding
Chromium's -Werror.

Rebaselines due to a change in fallback mark positioning centering
marks at the middle of the advance width instead of the middle of the
ink rectangle.


$ git log 36fb2b4da..fe5329231 --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s'
2019-01-28 behdad [CI] Peg CircleCI badge link to master branch
2019-01-28 behdad [ci] Peg build status badges to master branch
2019-01-28 behdad Switch README / README.md
2019-01-28 behdad [uniscribe] Whitelist function type cast
2019-01-28 behdad Fix sign comparison error
2019-01-28 behdad Fix warning
2019-01-28 behdad [pragma] Silence MSVC unknown-pragma warning
2019-01-26 behdad Fix -Wcast-function-type warnings in util/ with gcc 4.8
2019-01-25 behdad Fix mac test
2019-01-25 behdad More static constexpr
2019-01-25 behdad [AAT] Add test for recent Ligature stack fix, using Zapfino on Mac
2019-01-24 behdad [AAT] Minor sign
2019-01-24 behdad [AAT] Use a ring buffer for ligature stack
2019-01-24 behdad Whitespace
2019-01-24 behdad [AAT] Handle transition errors during machine operation
2019-01-24 behdad [AAT] Ignore machine errors and continue
2019-01-24 behdad [AAT] Minor
2019-01-24 behdad [AAT] Handle out-of-bounds classes
2019-01-24 behdad [AAT] Minor
2019-01-24 behdad [AAT] Minor
2019-01-24 behdad More pragma control
2019-01-24 behdad Comment
2019-01-24 behdad Fix test
2019-01-24 behdad Form cluster for Emoji sub-region tag sequences
2019-01-24 behdad Fix macos tests with previous commit
2019-01-24 behdad Adjust mark offsets when zeroing from fallback mark positioning code

Created with:
  roll-dep src/third_party/harfbuzz-ng/src

Bug: 907385, 924848
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