Merge - [Web Payments] Use OriginalProfile for IdentityProvider in PR

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commit e4e004ca8b2eb2ca9fe96ba2916951b6f5af05d4
Author: Anthony Vallee-Dubois <>
Date: Tue Feb 20 18:33:22 2018

[Web Payments] Use OriginalProfile for IdentityProvider in PR

This CL fixes a crash in Incognito where the Payment Request
IdentityProvider attempted to register an Observer on a null
SigninManager. It also brings Payment Request in line with Autofill,
where previously PR was displaying the Original Profile's Autofill data
but wasn't able to unlock cards because the IdentityProvider was invalid
in Incognito.

Bug: 813275
Change-Id: I3fb43ba45404f8884a300d77fda7f8fe0f8364af
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