Inline static Create() from renderer/core/animation/css

Identifies and removes usage of static Create() for those classes
defined in //third_party/blink/renderer/core/animation/css.

One note about the Create() method of CSSAnimation and CSSTransition,
it contained the following check:

  DCHECK(timeline && timeline->IsDocumentTimeline());

This is deemed unnecessary and has not been copied inline. The only
uses of these Create() methods were obtaining the Timeline object from
element->GetDocument().Timeline(). This implies that timeline exists
as long as the Document exists (which would trigger a different error)
and it is of type DocumentTimeline, because it was instantiated like
that in the Document constructor:

Finally, CompositorKeyframeValueFactory is STATIC_ONLY so its
Create method will not be modified.

Bug: 939691
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