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Name: Chrome Custom Tabs - Example and Usage
Short Name: Chrome Custom Tabs Client
Version: unknown
License: Apache 2.0
Security Critical: yes
License Android Compatible: yes
This presents an example application using Chrome Custom Tabs, and a possible
usage of both the intent and the background service APIs. It covers UI
customization, callback setup, pre-warming and pre-fetching, and lifecycle
management. Also inside demos there is another application that launches
custom tabs in different modes.
The example applicaton also presents how to use Browser Actions, including
creating request intent and adding custom items.
The actual code that Chromium builds from is in
//third_party/android_sdk/androidx_browser, this subdirectory is kept around
for the example app (the custom_tabs_client_example_apk target).
TODO(peconn): Get rid of src/customtabs and depend instead on
Local Modifications: None