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// Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "base/scoped_observer.h"
#include "ui/native_theme/native_theme.h"
#include "ui/views/controls/focusable_border.h"
#include "ui/views/view.h"
#include "ui/views/view_observer.h"
#include "ui/views/views_export.h"
namespace views {
// FocusRing is a View that is designed to act as an indicator of focus for its
// parent. It is a stand-alone view that paints to a layer which extends beyond
// the bounds of its parent view.
// Using FocusRing looks something like this:
// class MyView : public View {
// ...
// private:
// std::unique_ptr<FocusRing> focus_ring_;
// };
// MyView::MyView() {
// focus_ring_ = FocusRing::Install(this);
// ...
// }
// If MyView should show a rounded rectangular focus ring when it has focus and
// hide the ring when it loses focus, no other configuration is necessary. In
// other cases, it might be necessary to use the Set*() functions on FocusRing;
// these take care of repainting it when the state changes.
class VIEWS_EXPORT FocusRing : public View, public ViewObserver {
static const char kViewClassName[];
using ViewPredicate = std::function<bool(View* view)>;
~FocusRing() override;
// Create a FocusRing and adds it to |parent|. The returned focus ring is
// owned by the client (the code calling FocusRing::Install), *not* by
// |parent|.
static std::unique_ptr<FocusRing> Install(View* parent);
// Returns whether this class can draw a focus ring from |path|. Not all paths
// are useable since not all paths can be easily outset. If a FocusRing is
// configured to use an unuseable path, it will fall back to the default focus
// ring path.
static bool IsPathUseable(const SkPath& path);
// Sets the path to draw this FocusRing around. This path is in the parent
// view's coordinate system, *not* in the FocusRing's coordinate system. Note
// that this path will not be mirrored in RTL, so your View's computation of
// it should take RTL into account.
// Note: This method should only be used if the focus ring needs to differ
// from the highlight shape used for inkdrops. Otherwise set kHighlightPathKey
// on the parent and FocusRing will use it as well.
void SetPath(const SkPath& path);
// Sets whether the FocusRing should show an invalid state for the View it
// encloses.
void SetInvalid(bool invalid);
// Sets the predicate function used to tell when the parent has focus. The
// parent is passed into this predicate; it should return whether the parent
// should be treated as focused. This is useful when, for example, the parent
// wraps an inner view and the inner view is the one that actually receives
// focus, but the FocusRing sits on the parent instead of the inner view.
void SetHasFocusPredicate(const ViewPredicate& predicate);
void SetColor(base::Optional<SkColor> color);
// View:
const char* GetClassName() const override;
void Layout() override;
void OnPaint(gfx::Canvas* canvas) override;
// ViewObserver:
void OnViewFocused(View* view) override;
void OnViewBlurred(View* view) override;
explicit FocusRing(View* parent);
// Translates the provided SkRect or SkRRect, which is in the parent's
// coordinate system, into this view's coordinate system, then insets it
// appropriately to produce the focus ring "halo" effect. If the supplied rect
// is an SkRect, it will have the default focus ring corner radius applied as
// well.
SkRRect RingRectFromPathRect(const SkRect& rect) const;
SkRRect RingRectFromPathRect(const SkRRect& rect) const;
// The View this focus ring is installed on.
View* view_ = nullptr;
// The path to draw this focus ring around. IsPathUseable(path_) is always
// true.
SkPath path_;
// Whether the enclosed View is in an invalid state, which controls whether
// the focus ring shows an invalid appearance (usually a different color).
bool invalid_ = false;
// Overriding color for the focus ring.
base::Optional<SkColor> color_;
// The predicate used to determine whether the parent has focus.
ViewPredicate has_focus_predicate_;
VIEWS_EXPORT SkPath GetHighlightPath(const View* view);
} // views