Use BLINK_PLATFORM_EXPORT instead of PLATFORM_EXPORT macro in media mojo

In Windows the media mojo code used PLATFORM_EXPORT, an internal
blink macro, in some generated code. This "worked" and it compiled
thanks to the blink internal platform_export.h header being
included through some other mistaken code.

As that other mistaken code stops including blink's platform_export.h this
will stop compiling as is.

Switching to the external BLINK_PLATFORM_EXPORT makes everything right.

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diff --git a/media/mojo/interfaces/ b/media/mojo/interfaces/
index ec8b4bb..c611503 100644
--- a/media/mojo/interfaces/
+++ b/media/mojo/interfaces/
@@ -72,7 +72,7 @@
   # classes. Enabling this for other builds would result in ODR violations.
   # TODO( Remove this once the issue is resolved.
   if (is_win && is_component_build) {
-    export_class_attribute_blink = "PLATFORM_EXPORT"
+    export_class_attribute_blink = "BLINK_PLATFORM_EXPORT"
     export_define_blink = "BLINK_PLATFORM_IMPLEMENTATION=1"
     export_header_blink = "third_party/blink/public/platform/web_common.h"