Revert "Clean up proprietary codec checks/expectations in LayoutTests"

This reverts commit 117b9d3a698a52d96857b31caeb72c2e74f2a782.

Reason for revert: CL is fine, but it depends on another CL that was reverted:

That CL will probably land again, so expecting to reland this one as is % rebase.

Original change's description:
> Clean up proprietary codec checks/expectations in LayoutTests
> This is mostly a reland of
> with some improvements and now unblocked by changes to bots.
> Media layout tests need repair
> 1) Many tests check for proprietary codec support by only asking about
>    "video/mp4" without specifying a codec. This check is busted
>    because MP4 is no longer considered proprietary while codecs like
>    H264 and AAC still are. We currently claim "video/mp4" is entirely
>    unsupported via test hacks to avoid breaking those checks.
> 2) Some MSE tests focus on MP4 with H264. While many bots now have the
>    needed codecs, we artificially remove their support via test-only
>    hacks in order to keep expectations the same for all runners.
> This CL does the following
> 1) Remove incomplete checks for "video/mp4" - instead hardcode use of
>    the .ogv files (preserving the existing behavior).
> 2) Update MSE mp4/h264 test expectations to PASS. Starting this week
>    all webkit bots include the needed codecs.
> 3) Remove test hacks that artificially reduce codec support.
> It is also not a goal to make LayoutTests try all the supported codecs.
> That is covered by unit/integration tests.
> Due to 3) above, some external/wpt/media-source tests now fail because
> they select mp4. Fixing these failures is tracked in Issue 794338.
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> Bug: 327115,746579,787575,568704,794338
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