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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
module chromeos_camera.mojom;
import "media/mojo/interfaces/media_types.mojom";
// Encode errors (see media/video/jpeg_encode_accelerator.h).
enum EncodeStatus {
struct DmaBufPlane {
handle fd_handle;
int32 stride;
uint32 offset;
uint32 size;
// GPU process interface exposed to the browser for encoding JPEG images.
interface JpegEncodeAccelerator {
// Initializes the JPEG encoder. Should be called once per encoder
// construction and before using EncodeWithFD(). This call returns true if
// initialization is successful.
Initialize() => (bool success);
// TODO(wtlee): To be deprecated. (
// Encodes the given buffer that contains one I420 image.
// |input_fd| and |output_fd| are file descriptors of shared memory.
// The image is encoded from memory of |input_fd|
// with size |input_buffer_size|. The output buffer is associated with
// |buffer_id| and the dimension of I420 image is |coded_size_width| and
// |coded_size_height|.
// |exif_fd| is the shared memory buffer, with |exif_buffer_size| as size,
// containing Exif data which will be put onto APP1 segment in the output
// JPEG image.
// Encoded JPEG image will be put onto memory associated with |output_fd|
// with allocated size |output_buffer_size|.
// Returns |buffer_id| and |error| in a callback to notify the
// encode status. |buffer_id| is the id of |output_buffer| and |status| is the
// status code. |encoded_buffer_size| is the actual size of the encoded JPEG.
EncodeWithFD(int32 buffer_id, handle input_fd, uint32 input_buffer_size,
int32 coded_size_width, int32 coded_size_height,
handle exif_fd, uint32 exif_buffer_size,
handle output_fd, uint32 output_buffer_size)
=> (int32 buffer_id, uint32 encoded_buffer_size, EncodeStatus status);
// Encodes the given DMA-buf. The buffer id of output is |buffer_id|. The
// size of input image defined in |coded_size_width| and |coded_size_height|
// and the format |input_format| represents by its fourcc value. The plane
// information of input DMA-buf and output DMA-buf is stored in |input_planes|
// and |output_planes| respectively. Although the actual amount of buffers
// could be equal to or less than the number of planes, the amount of plane
// information |input_planes| and |output_planes| should be same as the number
// of planes. |exif_handle| is the shared memory buffer, with
// |exif_buffer_size| as size, containing Exif data which will be put onto
// APP1 segment in the output JPEG image. When the task ends, it returns
// |status| as the status code and |encoded_buffer_size| is the actual size of
// the encoded JPEG.
// TODO( Consider passing more unique identifier rather than
// |buffer_id| for JpegEocdeAccelerator
int32 buffer_id,
uint32 input_format,
array<DmaBufPlane> input_planes,
array<DmaBufPlane> output_planes,
handle exif_handle,
uint32 exif_buffer_size,
int32 coded_size_width,
int32 coded_size_height)
=> (uint32 encoded_buffer_size, EncodeStatus status);