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* Copyright (C) 2011, 2012 Google Inc. All rights reserved.
* Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without
* modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are
* met:
* * Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright
* notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer.
* * Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above
* copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer
* in the documentation and/or other materials provided with the
* distribution.
* * Neither the name of Google Inc. nor the names of its
* contributors may be used to endorse or promote products derived from
* this software without specific prior written permission.
#ifndef WebFrameClient_h
#define WebFrameClient_h
#include <memory>
#include "WebAXObject.h"
#include "WebDOMMessageEvent.h"
#include "WebDocumentLoader.h"
#include "WebFileChooserParams.h"
#include "WebFormElement.h"
#include "WebFrame.h"
#include "WebFrameOwnerProperties.h"
#include "WebHistoryCommitType.h"
#include "WebHistoryItem.h"
#include "WebIconURL.h"
#include "WebNavigationPolicy.h"
#include "WebNavigationType.h"
#include "WebTextDirection.h"
#include "WebTriggeringEventInfo.h"
#include "public/platform/BlameContext.h"
#include "public/platform/WebApplicationCacheHost.h"
#include "public/platform/WebColor.h"
#include "public/platform/WebCommon.h"
#include "public/platform/WebContentSecurityPolicy.h"
#include "public/platform/WebContentSecurityPolicyStruct.h"
#include "public/platform/WebContentSettingsClient.h"
#include "public/platform/WebEffectiveConnectionType.h"
#include "public/platform/WebFileSystem.h"
#include "public/platform/WebFileSystemType.h"
#include "public/platform/WebInsecureRequestPolicy.h"
#include "public/platform/WebLoadingBehaviorFlag.h"
#include "public/platform/WebSecurityOrigin.h"
#include "public/platform/WebSetSinkIdCallbacks.h"
#include "public/platform/WebSourceLocation.h"
#include "public/platform/WebStorageQuotaCallbacks.h"
#include "public/platform/WebStorageQuotaType.h"
#include "public/platform/WebSuddenTerminationDisablerType.h"
#include "public/platform/WebURLError.h"
#include "public/platform/WebURLLoaderFactory.h"
#include "public/platform/WebURLRequest.h"
#include "public/platform/WebWorkerFetchContext.h"
#include "public/platform/modules/serviceworker/WebServiceWorkerProvider.h"
#include "third_party/WebKit/common/feature_policy/feature_policy.h"
#include "third_party/WebKit/common/page/page_visibility_state.mojom-shared.h"
#include "third_party/WebKit/common/sandbox_flags.h"
#include "v8/include/v8.h"
namespace service_manager {
class InterfaceProvider;
namespace blink {
namespace mojom {
enum class WebFeature : int32_t;
} // namespace mojom
enum class WebTreeScopeType;
class WebApplicationCacheHost;
class WebApplicationCacheHostClient;
class WebColorChooser;
class WebColorChooserClient;
class WebContentDecryptionModule;
class WebCookieJar;
class WebDocumentLoader;
class WebEncryptedMediaClient;
class WebExternalPopupMenu;
class WebExternalPopupMenuClient;
class WebFileChooserCompletion;
class WebLayerTreeView;
class WebLocalFrame;
class WebMediaPlayer;
class WebMediaPlayerClient;
class WebMediaPlayerEncryptedMediaClient;
class WebMediaPlayerSource;
class WebMediaSession;
class WebServiceWorkerProvider;
class WebPlugin;
class WebPresentationClient;
class WebPushClient;
class WebRTCPeerConnectionHandler;
class WebRelatedAppsFetcher;
class WebScreenOrientationClient;
class WebString;
class WebURL;
class WebURLResponse;
class WebUserMediaClient;
struct WebColorSuggestion;
struct WebConsoleMessage;
struct WebContextMenuData;
struct WebPluginParams;
struct WebPopupMenuInfo;
struct WebRect;
struct WebRemoteScrollProperties;
struct WebURLError;
class BLINK_EXPORT WebFrameClient {
virtual ~WebFrameClient() {}
// Initialization ------------------------------------------------------
// Called exactly once during construction to notify the client about the
// created WebLocalFrame. Guaranteed to be invoked before any other
// WebFrameClient callbacks.
virtual void BindToFrame(WebLocalFrame*) {}
// Factory methods -----------------------------------------------------
// May return null.
virtual WebPlugin* CreatePlugin(const WebPluginParams&) { return nullptr; }
// May return null.
// WebContentDecryptionModule* may be null if one has not yet been set.
virtual WebMediaPlayer* CreateMediaPlayer(const WebMediaPlayerSource&,
const WebString& sink_id,
WebLayerTreeView*) {
return nullptr;
// May return null.
virtual WebMediaSession* CreateMediaSession() { return nullptr; }
// May return null.
virtual std::unique_ptr<WebApplicationCacheHost> CreateApplicationCacheHost(
WebApplicationCacheHostClient*) {
return nullptr;
// May return null.
virtual std::unique_ptr<WebServiceWorkerProvider>
CreateServiceWorkerProvider() {
return nullptr;
// May return null.
virtual std::unique_ptr<WebContentSettingsClient>
CreateWorkerContentSettingsClient() {
return nullptr;
// Returns a new WebWorkerFetchContext for a dedicated worker. Ownership of
// the returned object is transferred to the caller. This is used only when
// off-main-thread-fetch is enabled.
virtual std::unique_ptr<WebWorkerFetchContext> CreateWorkerFetchContext() {
return nullptr;
// Create a new WebPopupMenu. In the "createExternalPopupMenu" form, the
// client is responsible for rendering the contents of the popup menu.
virtual WebExternalPopupMenu* CreateExternalPopupMenu(
const WebPopupMenuInfo&,
WebExternalPopupMenuClient*) {
return nullptr;
// Services ------------------------------------------------------------
// A frame specific cookie jar. May return null, in which case
// WebKitPlatformSupport::cookieJar() will be called to access cookies.
virtual WebCookieJar* CookieJar() { return nullptr; }
// Returns a blame context for attributing work belonging to this frame.
virtual BlameContext* GetFrameBlameContext() { return nullptr; }
// Returns an InterfaceProvider the frame can use to request interfaces from
// the browser. This method may not return nullptr.
virtual service_manager::InterfaceProvider* GetInterfaceProvider();
// General notifications -----------------------------------------------
// Indicates if creating a plugin without an associated renderer is supported.
virtual bool CanCreatePluginWithoutRenderer(const WebString& mime_type) {
return false;
// Indicates that another page has accessed the DOM of the initial empty
// document of a main frame. After this, it is no longer safe to show a
// pending navigation's URL, because a URL spoof is possible.
virtual void DidAccessInitialDocument() {}
// Request the creation of a new child frame. Embedders may return nullptr
// to prevent the new child frame from being attached. Otherwise, embedders
// should create a new WebLocalFrame, insert it into the frame tree, and
// return the created frame.
virtual WebLocalFrame* CreateChildFrame(
WebLocalFrame* parent,
const WebString& name,
const WebString& fallback_name,
WebSandboxFlags sandbox_flags,
const ParsedFeaturePolicy& container_policy,
const WebFrameOwnerProperties&) {
return nullptr;
// This frame has set its opener to another frame, or disowned the opener
// if opener is null. See
virtual void DidChangeOpener(WebFrame*) {}
// Specifies the reason for the detachment.
enum class DetachType { kRemove, kSwap };
// This frame has been detached. Embedders should release any resources
// associated with this frame. If the DetachType is Remove, the frame should
// also be removed from the frame tree; otherwise, if the DetachType is
// Swap, the frame is being replaced in-place by WebFrame::swap().
virtual void FrameDetached(DetachType) {}
// This frame has become focused.
virtual void FrameFocused() {}
// A provisional load is about to commit.
virtual void WillCommitProvisionalLoad() {}
// This frame's name has changed.
virtual void DidChangeName(const WebString& name) {}
// This frame has set an insecure request policy.
virtual void DidEnforceInsecureRequestPolicy(WebInsecureRequestPolicy) {}
// This frame has been updated to a unique origin, which should be
// considered potentially trustworthy if
// |isPotentiallyTrustworthyUniqueOrigin| is true. TODO(estark):
// this method only exists to support dynamic sandboxing via a CSP
// delivered in a <meta> tag. This is not supposed to be allowed per
// the CSP spec and should be ripped out.
virtual void DidUpdateToUniqueOrigin(
bool is_potentially_trustworthy_unique_origin) {}
// The sandbox flags or container policy have changed for a child frame of
// this frame.
virtual void DidChangeFramePolicy(
WebFrame* child_frame,
WebSandboxFlags flags,
const ParsedFeaturePolicy& container_policy) {}
// Called when a Feature-Policy HTTP header is encountered while loading the
// frame's document.
virtual void DidSetFeaturePolicyHeader(
const ParsedFeaturePolicy& parsed_header) {}
// Called when a new Content Security Policy is added to the frame's
// document. This can be triggered by handling of HTTP headers, handling
// of <meta> element, or by inheriting CSP from the parent (in case of
// about:blank).
virtual void DidAddContentSecurityPolicies(
const WebVector<WebContentSecurityPolicy>& policies) {}
// Some frame owner properties have changed for a child frame of this frame.
// Frame owner properties currently include: scrolling, marginwidth and
// marginheight.
virtual void DidChangeFrameOwnerProperties(WebFrame* child_frame,
const WebFrameOwnerProperties&) {}
// Called when a watched CSS selector matches or stops matching.
virtual void DidMatchCSS(
const WebVector<WebString>& newly_matching_selectors,
const WebVector<WebString>& stopped_matching_selectors) {}
// Called the first time this frame is the target of a user gesture.
virtual void SetHasReceivedUserGesture() {}
// Console messages ----------------------------------------------------
// Whether or not we should report a detailed message for the given source.
virtual bool ShouldReportDetailedMessageForSource(const WebString& source) {
return false;
// A new message was added to the console.
virtual void DidAddMessageToConsole(const WebConsoleMessage&,
const WebString& source_name,
unsigned source_line,
const WebString& stack_trace) {}
// Load commands -------------------------------------------------------
// The client should handle the request as a download.
virtual void DownloadURL(const WebURLRequest&,
const WebString& download_name) {}
// The client should load an error page in the current frame.
virtual void LoadErrorPage(int reason) {}
// Navigational queries ------------------------------------------------
// The client may choose to alter the navigation policy. Otherwise,
// defaultPolicy should just be returned.
struct NavigationPolicyInfo {
WebDocumentLoader::ExtraData* extra_data;
// Note: if browser side navigations are enabled, the client may modify
// the urlRequest. However, should this happen, the client should change
// the WebNavigationPolicy to WebNavigationPolicyIgnore, and the load
// should stop in blink. In all other cases, the urlRequest should not
// be modified.
WebURLRequest& url_request;
WebNavigationType navigation_type;
WebNavigationPolicy default_policy;
bool replaces_current_history_item;
bool is_history_navigation_in_new_child_frame;
bool is_client_redirect;
WebTriggeringEventInfo triggering_event_info;
WebFormElement form;
bool is_cache_disabled;
WebSourceLocation source_location;
// Specify whether or not a MHTML Archive can be used to load a subframe
// resource instead of doing a network request.
enum class ArchiveStatus { Absent, Present };
ArchiveStatus archive_status;
explicit NavigationPolicyInfo(WebURLRequest& url_request)
: extra_data(nullptr),
archive_status(ArchiveStatus::Absent) {}
virtual WebNavigationPolicy DecidePolicyForNavigation(
const NavigationPolicyInfo& info) {
return info.default_policy;
// Asks the embedder whether the frame is allowed to navigate the main frame
// to a data URL.
// TODO( Move renderer side checks to
// RenderFrameImpl::DecidePolicyForNavigation().
virtual bool AllowContentInitiatedDataUrlNavigations(const WebURL&) {
return false;
// Navigational notifications ------------------------------------------
// These notifications bracket any loading that occurs in the WebFrame.
virtual void DidStartLoading(bool to_different_document) {}
virtual void DidStopLoading() {}
// Notification that some progress was made loading the current frame.
// loadProgress is a value between 0 (nothing loaded) and 1.0 (frame fully
// loaded).
virtual void DidChangeLoadProgress(double load_progress) {}
// A form submission has been requested, but the page's submit event handler
// hasn't yet had a chance to run (and possibly alter/interrupt the submit.)
virtual void WillSendSubmitEvent(const WebFormElement&) {}
// A form submission is about to occur.
virtual void WillSubmitForm(const WebFormElement&) {}
// A datasource has been created for a new navigation. The given
// datasource will become the provisional datasource for the frame.
virtual void DidCreateDocumentLoader(WebDocumentLoader*) {}
// A new provisional load has been started.
virtual void DidStartProvisionalLoad(WebDocumentLoader* document_loader,
WebURLRequest& request) {}
// The provisional load was redirected via a HTTP 3xx response.
virtual void DidReceiveServerRedirectForProvisionalLoad() {}
// The provisional load failed. The WebHistoryCommitType is the commit type
// that would have been used had the load succeeded.
virtual void DidFailProvisionalLoad(const WebURLError&,
WebHistoryCommitType) {}
// The provisional datasource is now committed. The first part of the
// response body has been received, and the encoding of the response
// body is known.
virtual void DidCommitProvisionalLoad(const WebHistoryItem&,
WebHistoryCommitType) {}
// The frame's document has just been initialized.
virtual void DidCreateNewDocument() {}
// The window object for the frame has been cleared of any extra properties
// that may have been set by script from the previously loaded document. This
// will get invoked multiple times when navigating from an initial empty
// document to the actual document.
virtual void DidClearWindowObject() {}
// The document element has been created.
// This method may not invalidate the frame, nor execute JavaScript code.
virtual void DidCreateDocumentElement() {}
// Like |didCreateDocumentElement|, except this method may run JavaScript
// code (and possibly invalidate the frame).
virtual void RunScriptsAtDocumentElementAvailable() {}
// The page title is available.
virtual void DidReceiveTitle(const WebString& title,
WebTextDirection direction) {}
// The icon for the page have changed.
virtual void DidChangeIcon(WebIconURL::Type) {}
// The frame's document finished loading.
// This method may not execute JavaScript code.
virtual void DidFinishDocumentLoad() {}
// Like |didFinishDocumentLoad|, except this method may run JavaScript
// code (and possibly invalidate the frame).
virtual void RunScriptsAtDocumentReady(bool document_is_empty) {}
// The frame's window.onload event is ready to fire. This method may delay
// window.onload by incrementing LoadEventDelayCount.
virtual void RunScriptsAtDocumentIdle() {}
// The 'load' event was dispatched.
virtual void DidHandleOnloadEvents() {}
// The frame's document or one of its subresources failed to load. The
// WebHistoryCommitType is the commit type that would have been used had the
// load succeeded.
virtual void DidFailLoad(const WebURLError&, WebHistoryCommitType) {}
// The frame's document and all of its subresources succeeded to load.
virtual void DidFinishLoad() {}
// The navigation resulted in no change to the documents within the page.
// For example, the navigation may have just resulted in scrolling to a
// named anchor or a PopState event may have been dispatched.
virtual void DidNavigateWithinPage(const WebHistoryItem&,
bool content_initiated) {}
// Called upon update to scroll position, document state, and other
// non-navigational events related to the data held by WebHistoryItem.
// WARNING: This method may be called very frequently.
virtual void DidUpdateCurrentHistoryItem() {}
// The frame's manifest has changed.
virtual void DidChangeManifest() {}
// The frame's theme color has changed.
virtual void DidChangeThemeColor() {}
// Called to dispatch a load event for this frame in the FrameOwner of an
// out-of-process parent frame.
virtual void DispatchLoad() {}
// Returns the effective connection type when the frame was fetched.
virtual WebEffectiveConnectionType GetEffectiveConnectionType() {
return WebEffectiveConnectionType::kTypeUnknown;
// Overrides the effective connection type for testing.
virtual void SetEffectiveConnectionTypeForTesting(
WebEffectiveConnectionType) {}
// Returns whether or not Client LoFi is enabled for the frame (and
// so any image requests may be replaced with a placeholder).
virtual bool IsClientLoFiActiveForFrame() { return false; }
// Returns whether or not the requested image should be replaced with a
// placeholder as part of the Client Lo-Fi previews feature.
virtual bool ShouldUseClientLoFiForRequest(const WebURLRequest&) {
return false;
// This frame tried to navigate its top level frame to the given url without
// ever having received a user gesture.
virtual void DidBlockFramebust(const WebURL&) {}
// Returns string to be used as a frame id in the devtools protocol.
// It is derived from the content's devtools_frame_token, is
// defined by the browser and passed into Blink upon frame creation.
virtual WebString GetInstrumentationToken() { return WebString(); }
// PlzNavigate
// Called to abort a navigation that is being handled by the browser process.
virtual void AbortClientNavigation() {}
// Push API ---------------------------------------------------
// Used to access the embedder for the Push API.
virtual WebPushClient* PushClient() { return nullptr; }
// Presentation API ----------------------------------------------------
// Used to access the embedder for the Presentation API.
virtual WebPresentationClient* PresentationClient() { return nullptr; }
// InstalledApp API ----------------------------------------------------
// Used to access the embedder for the InstalledApp API.
virtual WebRelatedAppsFetcher* GetRelatedAppsFetcher() { return nullptr; }
// Editing -------------------------------------------------------------
// These methods allow the client to intercept and overrule editing
// operations.
virtual void DidChangeSelection(bool is_selection_empty) {}
// This method is called in response to handleInputEvent() when the
// default action for the current keyboard event is not suppressed by the
// page, to give the embedder a chance to handle the keyboard event
// specially.
// Returns true if the keyboard event was handled by the embedder,
// indicating that the default action should be suppressed.
virtual bool HandleCurrentKeyboardEvent() { return false; }
// Dialogs -------------------------------------------------------------
// This method opens the color chooser and returns a new WebColorChooser
// instance. If there is a WebColorChooser already from the last time this
// was called, it ends the color chooser by calling endChooser, and replaces
// it with the new one. The given list of suggestions can be used to show a
// simple interface with a limited set of choices.
virtual WebColorChooser* CreateColorChooser(
const WebColor&,
const WebVector<WebColorSuggestion>&) {
return nullptr;
// Displays a modal alert dialog containing the given message. Returns
// once the user dismisses the dialog.
virtual void RunModalAlertDialog(const WebString& message) {}
// Displays a modal confirmation dialog with the given message as
// description and OK/Cancel choices. Returns true if the user selects
// 'OK' or false otherwise.
virtual bool RunModalConfirmDialog(const WebString& message) { return false; }
// Displays a modal input dialog with the given message as description
// and OK/Cancel choices. The input field is pre-filled with
// defaultValue. Returns true if the user selects 'OK' or false
// otherwise. Upon returning true, actualValue contains the value of
// the input field.
virtual bool RunModalPromptDialog(const WebString& message,
const WebString& default_value,
WebString* actual_value) {
return false;
// Displays a modal confirmation dialog with OK/Cancel choices, where 'OK'
// means that it is okay to proceed with closing the view. Returns true if
// the user selects 'OK' or false otherwise.
virtual bool RunModalBeforeUnloadDialog(bool is_reload) { return true; }
// This method returns immediately after showing the dialog. When the
// dialog is closed, it should call the WebFileChooserCompletion to
// pass the results of the dialog. Returns false if
// WebFileChooseCompletion will never be called.
virtual bool RunFileChooser(const blink::WebFileChooserParams& params,
WebFileChooserCompletion* chooser_completion) {
return false;
// UI ------------------------------------------------------------------
// Shows a context menu with commands relevant to a specific element on
// the given frame. Additional context data is supplied.
virtual void ShowContextMenu(const WebContextMenuData&) {}
// This method is called in response to WebView's saveImageAt(x, y).
// A data url from <canvas> or <img> is passed to the method's argument.
virtual void SaveImageFromDataURL(const WebString&) {}
// Low-level resource notifications ------------------------------------
// A request is about to be sent out, and the client may modify it. Request
// is writable, and changes to the URL, for example, will change the request
// made.
virtual void WillSendRequest(WebURLRequest&) {}
// Response headers have been received.
virtual void DidReceiveResponse(const WebURLResponse&) {}
// The specified request was satified from WebCore's memory cache.
virtual void DidLoadResourceFromMemoryCache(const WebURLRequest&,
const WebURLResponse&) {}
// This frame has displayed inactive content (such as an image) from an
// insecure source. Inactive content cannot spread to other frames.
virtual void DidDisplayInsecureContent() {}
// This frame contains a form that submits to an insecure target url.
virtual void DidContainInsecureFormAction() {}
// The indicated security origin has run active content (such as a
// script) from an insecure source. Note that the insecure content can
// spread to other frames in the same origin.
virtual void DidRunInsecureContent(const WebSecurityOrigin&,
const WebURL& insecure_url) {}
// A reflected XSS was encountered in the page and suppressed.
virtual void DidDetectXSS(const WebURL&, bool did_block_entire_page) {}
// A PingLoader was created, and a request dispatched to a URL.
virtual void DidDispatchPingLoader(const WebURL&) {}
// This frame has displayed inactive content (such as an image) from
// a connection with certificate errors.
virtual void DidDisplayContentWithCertificateErrors(const WebURL& url) {}
// This frame has run active content (such as a script) from a
// connection with certificate errors.
virtual void DidRunContentWithCertificateErrors(const WebURL& url) {}
// This frame loaded a resource with an otherwise-valid legacy Symantec
// certificate that is slated for distrust. Returns true and populates
// |console_message| to override the console message warning that is printed
// about the certificate. If it returns false, a generic warning will be
// printed.
virtual bool OverrideLegacySymantecCertConsoleMessage(const WebURL&,
WebString*) {
return false;
// A performance timing event (e.g. first paint) occurred
virtual void DidChangePerformanceTiming() {}
// UseCounter ----------------------------------------------------------
// Blink exhibited a certain loading behavior that the browser process will
// use for segregated histograms.
virtual void DidObserveLoadingBehavior(WebLoadingBehaviorFlag) {}
// Blink UseCounter should only track feature usage for non NTP activities.
// ShouldTrackUseCounter checks the url of a page's main frame is not a new
// tab page url.
virtual bool ShouldTrackUseCounter(const WebURL&) { return true; }
// Blink hit the code path for a certain feature for the first time on this
// frame. As a performance optimization, features already hit on other frames
// associated with the same page in the renderer are not currently reported.
// This is used for reporting UseCounter histograms.
virtual void DidObserveNewFeatureUsage(mojom::WebFeature) {}
// Script notifications ------------------------------------------------
// Notifies that a new script context has been created for this frame.
// This is similar to didClearWindowObject but only called once per
// frame context.
virtual void DidCreateScriptContext(v8::Local<v8::Context>, int world_id) {}
// WebKit is about to release its reference to a v8 context for a frame.
virtual void WillReleaseScriptContext(v8::Local<v8::Context>, int world_id) {}
// Geometry notifications ----------------------------------------------
// The main frame scrolled.
virtual void DidChangeScrollOffset() {}
// If the frame is loading an HTML document, this will be called to
// notify that the <body> will be attached soon.
virtual void WillInsertBody() {}
// Informs the browser that the draggable regions have been updated.
virtual void DraggableRegionsChanged() {}
// Scrolls a local frame in its remote process. Called on the WebFrameClient
// of a local frame only.
virtual void ScrollRectToVisibleInParentFrame(
const WebRect&,
const WebRemoteScrollProperties&) {}
// Find-in-page notifications ------------------------------------------
// Notifies how many matches have been found in this frame so far, for a
// given identifier. |finalUpdate| specifies whether this is the last
// update for this frame.
virtual void ReportFindInPageMatchCount(int identifier,
int count,
bool final_update) {}
// Notifies what tick-mark rect is currently selected. The given
// identifier lets the client know which request this message belongs
// to, so that it can choose to ignore the message if it has moved on
// to other things. The selection rect is expected to have coordinates
// relative to the top left corner of the web page area and represent
// where on the screen the selection rect is currently located.
virtual void ReportFindInPageSelection(int identifier,
int active_match_ordinal,
const WebRect& selection) {}
// Quota ---------------------------------------------------------
// Requests a new quota size for the origin's storage.
// |newQuotaInBytes| indicates how much storage space (in bytes) the
// caller expects to need.
// WebStorageQuotaCallbacks::didGrantStorageQuota will be called when
// a new quota is granted. WebStorageQuotaCallbacks::didFail
// is called with an error code otherwise.
// Note that the requesting quota size may not always be granted and
// a smaller amount of quota than requested might be returned.
virtual void RequestStorageQuota(WebStorageQuotaType,
unsigned long long new_quota_in_bytes,
WebStorageQuotaCallbacks) {}
// MediaStream -----------------------------------------------------
// A new WebRTCPeerConnectionHandler is created.
virtual void WillStartUsingPeerConnectionHandler(
WebRTCPeerConnectionHandler*) {}
virtual WebUserMediaClient* UserMediaClient() { return nullptr; }
// Encrypted Media -------------------------------------------------
virtual WebEncryptedMediaClient* EncryptedMediaClient() { return nullptr; }
// User agent ------------------------------------------------------
// Asks the embedder if a specific user agent should be used. Non-empty
// strings indicate an override should be used. Otherwise,
// Platform::current()->userAgent() will be called to provide one.
virtual WebString UserAgentOverride() { return WebString(); }
// Do not track ----------------------------------------------------
// Asks the embedder what value the network stack will send for the DNT
// header. An empty string indicates that no DNT header will be send.
virtual WebString DoNotTrackValue() { return WebString(); }
// WebGL ------------------------------------------------------
// Asks the embedder whether WebGL is blocked for the WebFrame. This call is
// placed here instead of WebContentSettingsClient because this class is
// implemented in content/, and putting it here avoids adding more public
// content/ APIs.
virtual bool ShouldBlockWebGL() { return false; }
// Screen Orientation --------------------------------------------------
// Access the embedder API for (client-based) screen orientation client .
virtual WebScreenOrientationClient* GetWebScreenOrientationClient() {
return nullptr;
// Accessibility -------------------------------------------------------
// Notifies embedder about an accessibility event.
virtual void PostAccessibilityEvent(const WebAXObject&, WebAXEvent) {}
// Provides accessibility information about a find in page result.
virtual void HandleAccessibilityFindInPageResult(int identifier,
int match_index,
const WebNode& start_node,
int start_offset,
const WebNode& end_node,
int end_offset) {}
// Fullscreen ----------------------------------------------------------
// Called to enter/exit fullscreen mode.
// After calling enterFullscreen or exitFullscreen,
// WebWidget::didEnterFullscreen or WebWidget::didExitFullscreen
// respectively will be called once the fullscreen mode has changed.
virtual void EnterFullscreen() {}
virtual void ExitFullscreen() {}
// Sudden termination --------------------------------------------------
// Called when elements preventing the sudden termination of the frame
// become present or stop being present. |type| is the type of element
// (BeforeUnload handler, Unload handler).
virtual void SuddenTerminationDisablerChanged(
bool present,
WebSuddenTerminationDisablerType) {}
// Navigator Content Utils --------------------------------------------
// Registers a new URL handler for the given protocol.
virtual void RegisterProtocolHandler(const WebString& scheme,
const WebURL& url,
const WebString& title) {}
// Unregisters a given URL handler for the given protocol.
virtual void UnregisterProtocolHandler(const WebString& scheme,
const WebURL& url) {}
// Audio Output Devices API --------------------------------------------
// Checks that the given audio sink exists and is authorized. The result is
// provided via the callbacks. This method takes ownership of the callbacks
// pointer.
virtual void CheckIfAudioSinkExistsAndIsAuthorized(
const WebString& sink_id,
const WebSecurityOrigin&,
WebSetSinkIdCallbacks* callbacks) {
if (callbacks) {
delete callbacks;
// Visibility ----------------------------------------------------------
// Returns the current visibility of the WebFrame.
virtual mojom::PageVisibilityState VisibilityState() const {
return mojom::PageVisibilityState::kVisible;
// Overwrites the given URL to use an HTML5 embed if possible.
// An empty URL is returned if the URL is not overriden.
virtual WebURL OverrideFlashEmbedWithHTML(const WebURL& url) {
return WebURL();
// Loading --------------------------------------------------------------
virtual std::unique_ptr<blink::WebURLLoaderFactory> CreateURLLoaderFactory() {
return nullptr;
} // namespace blink