Migrate gcm to network service's socket APIs

With network service, net:: C++ socket access will need to be changed to using
network service's socket APIs. This CL changes gcm to using
proxy_resolving_socket.mojom instead of the C++ ProxyResolvingClientSocket.

GCM files that are changed:
- google_apis/gcm/engine/connection_factory_impl.cc
  This will request and own a network::mojom::ProxyResolvingSocketPtr
- google_apis/gcm/engine/connection_handler_impl.cc
  This will pass the mojo read/write pipes to socket streams.
- google_apis/gcm/base/socket_stream.cc
  SocketInputStream/SocketOutputStream will read from/write to mojo data pipes
  instead of the C++ socket.

Network service changes
- services/network/public/mojom/proxy_resolving_socket.mojom
  Peer address is surfaced directly when connection is established. This is
  needed to support GCM's use case. They need the peer address synchronously
  when connection is done.

Browser changes:
- NetworkContext raw mojo pointer has to be queried on the UI thread on demand.
  Therefore changes are added to pass through a callback and ui task runner.

Bug: 862608
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