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// Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "base/basictypes.h"
#include "base/strings/string16.h"
#include "ui/base/window_open_disposition.h"
class AutoLoginInfoBarDelegate;
class ConfirmInfoBarDelegate;
class ExtensionInfoBarDelegate;
class InsecureContentInfoBarDelegate;
class MediaStreamInfoBarDelegate;
class PopupBlockedInfoBarDelegate;
class RegisterProtocolHandlerInfoBarDelegate;
class ScreenCaptureInfoBarDelegate;
class ThemeInstalledInfoBarDelegate;
class ThreeDAPIInfoBarDelegate;
namespace translate {
class TranslateInfoBarDelegate;
namespace gfx {
class Image;
namespace infobars {
class InfoBar;
// An interface implemented by objects wishing to control an InfoBar.
// Implementing this interface is not sufficient to use an InfoBar, since it
// does not map to a specific InfoBar type. Instead, you must implement
// ConfirmInfoBarDelegate, or override with your own delegate for your own
// InfoBar variety.
class InfoBarDelegate {
// The type of the infobar. It controls its appearance, such as its background
// color.
enum Type {
enum InfoBarAutomationType {
// Describes navigation events, used to decide whether infobars should be
// dismissed.
struct NavigationDetails {
// Unique identifier for the entry.
int entry_id;
// True if it is a navigation to a different page (as opposed to in-page).
bool is_navigation_to_different_page;
// True if the entry replaced the existing one.
bool did_replace_entry;
// True for the main frame, false for a sub-frame.
bool is_main_frame;
bool is_reload;
bool is_redirect;
// Value to use when the InfoBar has no icon to show.
static const int kNoIconID;
// Called when the InfoBar that owns this delegate is being destroyed. At
// this point nothing is visible onscreen.
virtual ~InfoBarDelegate();
virtual InfoBarAutomationType GetInfoBarAutomationType() const;
// Returns true if the supplied |delegate| is equal to this one. Equality is
// left to the implementation to define. This function is called by the
// InfoBarManager when determining whether or not a delegate should be
// added because a matching one already exists. If this function returns true,
// the InfoBarManager will not add the new delegate because it considers
// one to already be present.
virtual bool EqualsDelegate(InfoBarDelegate* delegate) const;
// Returns true if the InfoBar should be closed automatically after the page
// is navigated. By default this returns true if the navigation is to a new
// page (not including reloads). Subclasses wishing to change this behavior
// can override either this function or ShouldExpireInternal(), depending on
// what level of control they need.
virtual bool ShouldExpire(const NavigationDetails& details) const;
// Called when the user clicks on the close button to dismiss the infobar.
virtual void InfoBarDismissed();
// Return the resource ID of the icon to be shown for this InfoBar. If the
// value is equal to |kNoIconID|, no icon is shown.
virtual int GetIconID() const;
// Returns the type of the infobar. The type determines the appearance (such
// as background color) of the infobar.
virtual Type GetInfoBarType() const;
// Type-checking downcast routines:
virtual AutoLoginInfoBarDelegate* AsAutoLoginInfoBarDelegate();
virtual ConfirmInfoBarDelegate* AsConfirmInfoBarDelegate();
virtual ExtensionInfoBarDelegate* AsExtensionInfoBarDelegate();
virtual InsecureContentInfoBarDelegate* AsInsecureContentInfoBarDelegate();
virtual MediaStreamInfoBarDelegate* AsMediaStreamInfoBarDelegate();
virtual PopupBlockedInfoBarDelegate* AsPopupBlockedInfoBarDelegate();
virtual RegisterProtocolHandlerInfoBarDelegate*
virtual ScreenCaptureInfoBarDelegate* AsScreenCaptureInfoBarDelegate();
virtual ThemeInstalledInfoBarDelegate* AsThemePreviewInfobarDelegate();
virtual translate::TranslateInfoBarDelegate* AsTranslateInfoBarDelegate();
void set_infobar(InfoBar* infobar) { infobar_ = infobar; }
// Store the unique id for the active entry, to be used later upon navigation
// to determine if this InfoBarDelegate should be expired.
void StoreActiveEntryUniqueID();
// Return the icon to be shown for this InfoBar. If the returned Image is
// empty, no icon is shown.
virtual gfx::Image GetIcon() const;
// Returns true if the navigation is to a new URL or a reload occured.
virtual bool ShouldExpireInternal(const NavigationDetails& details) const;
int contents_unique_id() const { return contents_unique_id_; }
InfoBar* infobar() { return infobar_; }
// The unique id of the active NavigationEntry of the WebContents that we were
// opened for. Used to help expire on navigations.
int contents_unique_id_;
// The InfoBar associated with us.
InfoBar* infobar_;
} // namespace infobars