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// Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "base/gtest_prod_util.h"
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "ui/views/bubble/bubble_border.h"
#include "ui/views/widget/widget.h"
#include "ui/views/widget/widget_delegate.h"
#include "ui/views/widget/widget_observer.h"
namespace gfx {
class FontList;
class Rect;
namespace views {
class BubbleFrameView;
// BubbleDelegateView creates frame and client views for bubble Widgets.
// BubbleDelegateView itself is the client's contents view.
class VIEWS_EXPORT BubbleDelegateView : public WidgetDelegateView,
public WidgetObserver {
// Internal class name.
static const char kViewClassName[];
enum class CloseReason {
BubbleDelegateView(View* anchor_view, BubbleBorder::Arrow arrow);
~BubbleDelegateView() override;
// Create and initialize the bubble Widget(s) with proper bounds.
static Widget* CreateBubble(BubbleDelegateView* bubble_delegate);
// WidgetDelegateView overrides:
BubbleDelegateView* AsBubbleDelegate() override;
bool ShouldShowCloseButton() const override;
View* GetContentsView() override;
NonClientFrameView* CreateNonClientFrameView(Widget* widget) override;
void GetAccessibleState(ui::AXViewState* state) override;
const char* GetClassName() const override;
// WidgetObserver overrides:
void OnWidgetClosing(Widget* widget) override;
void OnWidgetDestroying(Widget* widget) override;
void OnWidgetVisibilityChanging(Widget* widget, bool visible) override;
void OnWidgetVisibilityChanged(Widget* widget, bool visible) override;
void OnWidgetActivationChanged(Widget* widget, bool active) override;
void OnWidgetBoundsChanged(Widget* widget,
const gfx::Rect& new_bounds) override;
bool close_on_esc() const { return close_on_esc_; }
void set_close_on_esc(bool close_on_esc) { close_on_esc_ = close_on_esc; }
bool close_on_deactivate() const { return close_on_deactivate_; }
void set_close_on_deactivate(bool close) { close_on_deactivate_ = close; }
View* GetAnchorView() const;
Widget* anchor_widget() const { return anchor_widget_; }
// The anchor rect is used in the absence of an assigned anchor view.
const gfx::Rect& anchor_rect() const { return anchor_rect_; }
BubbleBorder::Arrow arrow() const { return arrow_; }
void set_arrow(BubbleBorder::Arrow arrow) { arrow_ = arrow; }
BubbleBorder::Shadow shadow() const { return shadow_; }
void set_shadow(BubbleBorder::Shadow shadow) { shadow_ = shadow; }
SkColor color() const { return color_; }
void set_color(SkColor color) {
color_ = color;
color_explicitly_set_ = true;
const gfx::Insets& margins() const { return margins_; }
void set_margins(const gfx::Insets& margins) { margins_ = margins; }
const gfx::Insets& anchor_view_insets() const { return anchor_view_insets_; }
void set_anchor_view_insets(const gfx::Insets& i) { anchor_view_insets_ = i; }
gfx::NativeView parent_window() const { return parent_window_; }
void set_parent_window(gfx::NativeView window) { parent_window_ = window; }
bool accept_events() const { return accept_events_; }
void set_accept_events(bool accept_events) { accept_events_ = accept_events; }
bool border_accepts_events() const { return border_accepts_events_; }
void set_border_accepts_events(bool event) { border_accepts_events_ = event; }
bool adjust_if_offscreen() const { return adjust_if_offscreen_; }
void set_adjust_if_offscreen(bool adjust) { adjust_if_offscreen_ = adjust; }
CloseReason close_reason() const { return close_reason_; }
// Get the arrow's anchor rect in screen space.
virtual gfx::Rect GetAnchorRect() const;
// Allows delegates to provide custom parameters before widget initialization.
virtual void OnBeforeBubbleWidgetInit(Widget::InitParams* params,
Widget* widget) const;
// Creates and returns a view to be displayed at the bottom of the bubble.
virtual scoped_ptr<View> CreateFootnoteView();
// Sets |margins_| to a default picked for smaller bubbles.
void UseCompactMargins();
// Sets the bubble alignment relative to the anchor. This may only be called
// after calling CreateBubble.
void SetAlignment(BubbleBorder::BubbleAlignment alignment);
// Sets the bubble arrow paint type.
void SetArrowPaintType(BubbleBorder::ArrowPaintType paint_type);
// Call this method when the anchor bounds have changed to reposition the
// bubble. The bubble is automatically repositioned when the anchor view
// bounds change as a result of the widget's bounds changing.
void OnAnchorBoundsChanged();
// Get bubble bounds from the anchor rect and client view's preferred size.
virtual gfx::Rect GetBubbleBounds();
// Return a FontList to use for the title of the bubble.
// (The default is MediumFont).
virtual const gfx::FontList& GetTitleFontList() const;
// View overrides:
bool AcceleratorPressed(const ui::Accelerator& accelerator) override;
void OnNativeThemeChanged(const ui::NativeTheme* theme) override;
// Perform view initialization on the contents for bubble sizing.
virtual void Init();
// Sets the anchor view or rect and repositions the bubble. Note that if a
// valid view gets passed, the anchor rect will get ignored. If the view gets
// deleted, but no new view gets set, the last known anchor postion will get
// returned.
void SetAnchorView(View* anchor_view);
void SetAnchorRect(const gfx::Rect& rect);
// Resize and potentially move the bubble to fit the content's preferred size.
void SizeToContents();
BubbleFrameView* GetBubbleFrameView() const;
friend class BubbleBorderDelegate;
friend class BubbleWindowTargeter;
FRIEND_TEST_ALL_PREFIXES(BubbleDelegateTest, CreateDelegate);
FRIEND_TEST_ALL_PREFIXES(BubbleDelegateTest, NonClientHitTest);
// Update the bubble color from |theme|, unless it was explicitly set.
void UpdateColorsFromTheme(const ui::NativeTheme* theme);
// Handles widget visibility changes.
void HandleVisibilityChanged(Widget* widget, bool visible);
// Flags controlling bubble closure on the escape key and deactivation.
bool close_on_esc_;
bool close_on_deactivate_;
// The view and widget to which this bubble is anchored. Since an anchor view
// can be deleted without notice, we store it in the ViewStorage and retrieve
// it from there. It will make sure that the view is still valid.
const int anchor_view_storage_id_;
Widget* anchor_widget_;
// The anchor rect used in the absence of an anchor view.
mutable gfx::Rect anchor_rect_;
// The arrow's location on the bubble.
BubbleBorder::Arrow arrow_;
// Bubble border shadow to use.
BubbleBorder::Shadow shadow_;
// The background color of the bubble; and flag for when it's explicitly set.
SkColor color_;
bool color_explicitly_set_;
// The margins between the content and the inside of the border.
gfx::Insets margins_;
// Insets applied to the |anchor_view_| bounds.
gfx::Insets anchor_view_insets_;
// Specifies whether the bubble (or its border) handles mouse events, etc.
bool accept_events_;
bool border_accepts_events_;
// If true (defaults to true), the arrow may be mirrored and moved to fit the
// bubble on screen better. It would be a no-op if the bubble has no arrow.
bool adjust_if_offscreen_;
// Parent native window of the bubble.
gfx::NativeView parent_window_;
CloseReason close_reason_;
} // namespace views