[Zucchini] ARM Support: Add arm_utils.* with tests.

This CL adds new files for ARM support. The code is not yet integrated
into Zucchini, but are only used by the added tests. The high-level
goal is to support rel32 reference read / write via:

    (data bytes) <-> |code| <-> |disp| <-> |target_rva|,

where |code| is ARM machine code value (read-write), and |disp| is a
PC-relative displacement. Details:
* Add template class ArmAddrTraits as API to process rel32 references.
  It is specialized for each rel32 address type, and aggregates
  selected low-level static functions from an ARM *Translator class.
* Add class Arm32Rel32Translator for 32-bit ARM (ARM32)
  * ArmAddrTraits is specialized to {A24} encoding for ARM mode, and
    {T8, T11, T21, T24} encodings for THUMB2 mode.
  * Complication: |code| can affect |disp| <-> |target_rva|, since the
    the BLX instruction dictates whether |target_rva| should be 2-byte
    or 4-byte aligned!
* The BLX special case makes |disp| <-> |target_rva| unsuitable for
  ArmAddrTraits. This led to the API to be defined as:
  * Fetch() for (data bytes) -> |code|.
  * Store() for |code| -> (data bytes).
  * Decode() for |code| -> |disp| & alignment spec (ArmAlign).
  * Encode() for |disp| -> |code|: Modifies existing |code|.
  * Read() for |code| -> |target_rva|: Needs |instr_rva|.
  * Write() for |target_rva| -> |code|.
    * Needs |instr_rva|; modifies existing |code|.
* Add class AArch64Rel32Translator for 64-bit ARM (AArch64).
  * ArmAddrTraits is specialized to {Immd14, Immd19, Immd26} encodings.

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