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// Copyright 2015 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <vector>
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/memory/ref_counted.h"
#include "base/time/time.h"
#include "cc/animation/animation.h"
#include "cc/animation/animation_curve.h"
#include "cc/animation/element_animations.h"
#include "cc/animation/element_id.h"
#include "cc/base/cc_export.h"
namespace cc {
class AnimationDelegate;
class AnimationHost;
class AnimationTimeline;
struct AnimationEvent;
struct PropertyAnimationState;
// An AnimationPlayer owns all animations to be run on particular CC Layer.
// Multiple AnimationPlayers can be attached to one layer. In this case,
// they share common ElementAnimations so the
// ElementAnimations-to-Layer relationship is 1:1.
// For now, the blink logic is responsible for handling of conflicting
// same-property animations.
// Each AnimationPlayer has its copy on the impl thread.
// This is a CC counterpart for blink::AnimationPlayer (in 1:1 relationship).
class CC_EXPORT AnimationPlayer : public base::RefCounted<AnimationPlayer> {
static scoped_refptr<AnimationPlayer> Create(int id);
scoped_refptr<AnimationPlayer> CreateImplInstance() const;
int id() const { return id_; }
ElementId element_id() const { return element_id_; }
// Parent AnimationHost. AnimationPlayer can be detached from
// AnimationTimeline.
AnimationHost* animation_host() { return animation_host_; }
const AnimationHost* animation_host() const { return animation_host_; }
void SetAnimationHost(AnimationHost* animation_host);
// Parent AnimationTimeline.
AnimationTimeline* animation_timeline() { return animation_timeline_; }
const AnimationTimeline* animation_timeline() const {
return animation_timeline_;
void SetAnimationTimeline(AnimationTimeline* timeline);
// ElementAnimations object where this player is listed.
scoped_refptr<ElementAnimations> element_animations() const {
return element_animations_;
void set_animation_delegate(AnimationDelegate* delegate) {
animation_delegate_ = delegate;
void AttachElement(ElementId element_id);
void DetachElement();
void AddAnimation(std::unique_ptr<Animation> animation);
void PauseAnimation(int animation_id, double time_offset);
void RemoveAnimation(int animation_id);
void AbortAnimation(int animation_id);
void AbortAnimations(TargetProperty::Type target_property,
bool needs_completion);
void PushPropertiesTo(AnimationPlayer* player_impl);
// AnimationDelegate routing.
bool NotifyAnimationStarted(const AnimationEvent& event);
bool NotifyAnimationFinished(const AnimationEvent& event);
bool NotifyAnimationAborted(const AnimationEvent& event);
void NotifyAnimationTakeover(const AnimationEvent& event);
bool NotifyAnimationFinishedForTesting(TargetProperty::Type target_property,
int group_id);
// Returns true if there are any animations that have neither finished nor
// aborted.
bool HasActiveAnimation() const;
// Returns true if there are any animations at all to process.
bool has_any_animation() const { return !animations_.empty(); }
bool needs_push_properties() const { return needs_push_properties_; }
void SetNeedsPushProperties();
bool HasNonDeletedAnimation() const;
bool needs_to_start_animations() const { return needs_to_start_animations_; }
void StartAnimations(base::TimeTicks monotonic_time);
void PromoteStartedAnimations(base::TimeTicks monotonic_time,
AnimationEvents* events);
void MarkAnimationsForDeletion(base::TimeTicks monotonic_time,
AnimationEvents* events);
void TickAnimations(base::TimeTicks monotonic_time);
void MarkFinishedAnimations(base::TimeTicks monotonic_time);
// Make animations affect active elements if and only if they affect
// pending elements. Any animations that no longer affect any elements
// are deleted.
void ActivateAnimations();
bool HasFilterAnimationThatInflatesBounds() const;
bool HasTransformAnimationThatInflatesBounds() const;
bool TransformAnimationBoundsForBox(const gfx::BoxF& box,
gfx::BoxF* bounds) const;
bool HasOnlyTranslationTransforms(ElementListType list_type) const;
bool AnimationsPreserveAxisAlignment() const;
// Sets |start_scale| to the maximum of starting animation scale along any
// dimension at any destination in active animations. Returns false if the
// starting scale cannot be computed.
bool AnimationStartScale(ElementListType list_type, float* start_scale) const;
// Sets |max_scale| to the maximum scale along any dimension at any
// destination in active animations. Returns false if the maximum scale cannot
// be computed.
bool MaximumTargetScale(ElementListType list_type, float* max_scale) const;
// Returns true if there is an animation that is either currently animating
// the given property or scheduled to animate this property in the future, and
// that affects the given tree type.
bool IsPotentiallyAnimatingProperty(TargetProperty::Type target_property,
ElementListType list_type) const;
// Returns true if there is an animation that is currently animating the given
// property and that affects the given tree type.
bool IsCurrentlyAnimatingProperty(TargetProperty::Type target_property,
ElementListType list_type) const;
bool HasElementInActiveList() const;
gfx::ScrollOffset ScrollOffsetForAnimation() const;
// Returns the active animation animating the given property that is either
// running, or is next to run, if such an animation exists.
Animation* GetAnimation(TargetProperty::Type target_property) const;
// Returns the active animation for the given unique animation id.
Animation* GetAnimationById(int animation_id) const;
void GetPropertyAnimationState(PropertyAnimationState* pending_state,
PropertyAnimationState* active_state) const;
friend class base::RefCounted<AnimationPlayer>;
explicit AnimationPlayer(int id);
void SetNeedsCommit();
void RegisterPlayer();
void UnregisterPlayer();
void BindElementAnimations();
void UnbindElementAnimations();
void AnimationAdded();
void MarkAbortedAnimationsForDeletion(
AnimationPlayer* animation_player_impl) const;
void PurgeAnimationsMarkedForDeletion();
void PushNewAnimationsToImplThread(
AnimationPlayer* animation_player_impl) const;
void RemoveAnimationsCompletedOnMainThread(
AnimationPlayer* animation_player_impl) const;
void PushPropertiesToImplThread(AnimationPlayer* animation_player_impl);
using Animations = std::vector<std::unique_ptr<Animation>>;
Animations animations_;
AnimationHost* animation_host_;
AnimationTimeline* animation_timeline_;
// element_animations isn't null if player attached to an element (layer).
scoped_refptr<ElementAnimations> element_animations_;
AnimationDelegate* animation_delegate_;
int id_;
ElementId element_id_;
bool needs_push_properties_;
base::TimeTicks last_tick_time_;
// Only try to start animations when new animations are added or when the
// previous attempt at starting animations failed to start all animations.
bool needs_to_start_animations_;
} // namespace cc