Revert "Crash early if FindFamily DWriteFontProxy call fails"

This reverts commit 59cc57db11dbcfb8ff8bedea12db458fc7662067.

Reason for revert: We've got enough data from this CHECK. From the
stack, it is possible that renderer can continue the work if we
don't crash here.

Original change's description:
> Crash early if FindFamily DWriteFontProxy call fails
> Adding an assertion failure on a failed FindFamily DWriteFontProxy sync
> IPC call to gather more information on failing clients. Sync IPC calls
> should only be returning false in very rare cases, which would mean an
> error here. More discussion on this on the bug.
> Note to Crash reporting sheriffs: This will likely trigger
> additional crash reports, which we assume to be a subset of the
> crash reports collected for issue 561873.
> Bug: 922403
> Change-Id: I054e65e5f01ff646329a6174b908305519fef3d6
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> Reviewed-by: Ken Rockot <>
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# Not skipping CQ checks because original CL landed > 1 day ago.,

Bug: 922403, 928649
Change-Id: Ia2ae9be045d2a8680f1cceba6ed504d8ea7f0e1e
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