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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "base/sequence_checker.h"
#include "components/optimization_guide/proto/hints.pb.h"
#include "components/previews/content/hint_cache.h"
#include "components/previews/content/previews_hints_util.h"
#include "components/previews/content/previews_user_data.h"
#include "components/previews/core/host_filter.h"
#include "net/nqe/effective_connection_type.h"
class GURL;
namespace optimization_guide {
struct HintsComponentInfo;
namespace previews {
// Holds previews hints extracted from a hint component.
class PreviewsHints {
// Loads the component associated with the provided component info and creates
// a PreviewsHints instance from it. If |component_update_info| is provided,
// then the page hints from the component will be moved into it and later used
// to update the component hints in the hint cache store. This must be called
// using a background task runner as it requires a significant amount of
// processing.
static std::unique_ptr<PreviewsHints> CreateFromHintsComponent(
const optimization_guide::HintsComponentInfo& info,
std::unique_ptr<HintUpdateData> component_update_data);
// Creates a Hints instance from the provided hints configuration. This must
// be called using a background task runner as it requires a significant
// amount of processing.
static std::unique_ptr<PreviewsHints> CreateFromHintsConfiguration(
std::unique_ptr<optimization_guide::proto::Configuration> config,
std::unique_ptr<HintUpdateData> component_update_data);
// Set |hint_cache_| and updates the hint cache's component data if
// |component_update_data_| is not a nullptr. In the case where
// |component_update_data_| is a nullptr, the callback is run synchronously;
// otherwise, it is run asynchronously after the cache's component data update
// completes.
void Initialize(HintCache* hint_cache, base::OnceClosure callback);
// Whether the URL is whitelisted for the given previews type. If so,
// |out_inflation_percent| and |out_ect_threshold| will be populated if
// metadata is available for them.
bool IsWhitelisted(const GURL& url,
PreviewsType type,
int* out_inflation_percent,
net::EffectiveConnectionType* out_ect_threshold) const;
// Whether the URL is blacklisted for the given previews type.
bool IsBlacklisted(const GURL& url, PreviewsType type) const;
// Returns whether |url| may have PageHints and triggers asynchronous load
// of such hints are not currently available synchronously. |callback| is
// called if any applicable hint data is loaded and available for |url|.
bool MaybeLoadOptimizationHints(const GURL& url,
HintLoadedCallback callback) const;
// Whether |url| has loaded resource loading hints and, if it does, populates
// |out_resource_patterns_to_block| with the resource patterns to block.
bool GetResourceLoadingHints(
const GURL& url,
std::vector<std::string>* out_resource_patterns_to_block) const;
// Logs UMA for whether the HintCache has a matching Hint and also a matching
// PageHint for |url|. Records the client's current |ect| as well. This is
// useful for measuring the effectiveness of the page hints provided by Cacao.
void LogHintCacheMatch(const GURL& url,
bool is_committed,
net::EffectiveConnectionType ect) const;
friend class PreviewsHintsTest;
// Constructs PreviewsHints with |component_update_data|. This
// HintUpdateData is later moved into the HintCache during Initialize().
PreviewsHints(std::unique_ptr<HintUpdateData> component_update_data);
// Parses optimization filters from |config| and populates corresponding
// supported blacklists in this object.
void ParseOptimizationFilters(
const optimization_guide::proto::Configuration& config);
// Holds a pointer to the hint cache; the cache is owned by the optimization
// guide, which is guaranteed to outlive PreviewsHints.
HintCache* hint_cache_;
// HintUpdateData provided by the HintCache and populated during
// PreviewsHints::Create(). |component_update_data_| is set during
// construction and moved into the HintCache during Initialize().
std::unique_ptr<HintUpdateData> component_update_data_;
// Blacklist of host suffixes for LITE_PAGE_REDIRECT Previews.
std::unique_ptr<HostFilter> lite_page_redirect_blacklist_;
} // namespace previews