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// Copyright 2018 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "media/base/media_types.h"
#include <tuple>
namespace media {
// static
AudioType AudioType::FromDecoderConfig(const AudioDecoderConfig& config) {
return {config.codec()};
// static
VideoType VideoType::FromDecoderConfig(const VideoDecoderConfig& config) {
// Level is not part of |config|. Its also not always known in the container
// metadata (e.g. WebM puts it in CodecPrivate which is often not included).
// Level is not used by /media to make/break support decisions, but
// embedders with strict hardware limitations could theoretically check it.
// The following attempts to make a safe guess by choosing the lowest level
// for the given codec.
// Zero is not a valid level for any of the following codecs. It means
// "unknown" or "no level" (e.g. VP8).
int level = 0;
switch (config.codec()) {
// These have no notion of level.
case kUnknownVideoCodec:
case kCodecTheora:
case kCodecVP8:
// These use non-numeric levels, aren't part of our mime code, and
// are ancient with very limited support.
case kCodecVC1:
case kCodecMPEG2:
case kCodecMPEG4:
case kCodecH264:
case kCodecVP9:
case kCodecHEVC:
// 10 is the level_idc for level 1.0.
level = 10;
case kCodecDolbyVision:
// Dolby doesn't do decimals, so 1 is just 1.
level = 1;
case kCodecAV1:
// Strangely, AV1 starts at 2.0.
level = 20;
return {config.codec(), config.profile(), level, config.color_space_info()};
bool operator==(const AudioType& x, const AudioType& y) {
return x.codec == y.codec;
bool operator!=(const AudioType& x, const AudioType& y) {
return !(x == y);
bool operator==(const VideoType& x, const VideoType& y) {
return std::tie(x.codec, x.profile, x.level, x.color_space) ==
std::tie(y.codec, y.profile, y.level, y.color_space);
bool operator!=(const VideoType& x, const VideoType& y) {
return !(x == y);
} // namespace media